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Gaelle Le Berre  

I am a professional wedding photographer based in France, with 4 years experience in this field.

I started photography at the age of 15 by experimenting with developing photos in a darkroom. It revealed a passion that continued to grow over the years.

I started traveling to the USA where I worked as a photo journalist for a little county journal at the age of 21. This helped fuel my passion for photography and to realise that this is what I wanted to dedicate my career towards.

I decided to travel to Australia where I studied applied photography at RMIT university and later graduated after two years. During this time I received two prestigious awards, gold and silver.

After my studies I came back to Europe and obtained a job in SOHO, London working as a C41 developer.

My time there was invaluable as it gave me confidence and valuable skills. I was lucky to meet and work with famous international photographers and develop their photos.

After several years, I moved back to France in Brittany..

I have developed a successful business servicing couples from France and abroad and thrive on the challenge and experiences I gain from each session.

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