International Wedding Photographers From Spain

Discover the best wedding photographers from Spain. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez

I have a discreet approach capturing precious moments, I love to always include Fine Art and I’m motivated to seek and capture timeless memories.

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Image By Pedro Cabrera

Pedro Cabrera

Throughout our lives we live unique and unrepeatable moments. We remember those great moments through pictures. So is our commitment to capture every look, every gesture, every smi

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Image By Miguel Angel Muniesa

Miguel Angel Muniesa

Somos conscientes de la importancia de un día tan especial en vuestras vidas como es el día de vuestra boda, por ello no perdemos detalle de los momentos especiales. Plasmamo

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Image By Miguel Bolanos

Miguel Bolanos

I like photographs that are spontaneous, natural and fun. Weddings are not what they were, and photography has evolved into something different and mostly original. Wedding photogr

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Image By Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo

I am completely passionate about what I do. My photography is modern, creative, artistic and individually handcrafted. I eat and breathe photography, and I\/m always pushing harder

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Image By Luigi Rota

Luigi Rota

Born in Lecco (Italy) in 1973 he began photographing when he was fifteen years old, so he has 20 years experience in wedding photography.He works as a fashion and ADV photographer

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Sabemos de la importancia que tiene para vosotros ese día, y por ello, dedicamos toda nuestra atención en ofreceros un trabajo de gran calidad, en sorprenderos y no conformarnos

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Image By Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz

At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... My job is to document unique moments and narrate wedding stories. Every couple tells a different o

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Image By Gerardo Ojeda Photography

Gerardo Ojeda Photography

-Would define my style as documentary photography, with a vision to care much light and frames with artistic touches. -Mi estilo se definiría como fotografía documental,

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Image By Carlos Santanatalia

Carlos Santanatalia

Hi, my name is Carlos. I\/m passionate about wedding photography and I decided to give up everything for a dream, a dream of having your beautiful love story with photos.

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Image By Vinny Labella

Vinny Labella

She enjoys pushing the boundaries and taking an open-minded approach to her design of fresh and exciting images for each couple. Above all, she loves challenging herself to push th

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Image By Johnny García

Johnny García

I can boast that I devote myself to what I like best: holding a camera and taking pictures. Photography is my passion, my personality, my way of seeing the world and with my family

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Image By Eduardo Blanco

Eduardo Blanco

I introduce myself as an enthusiast I love my work... and I really enjoy telling stories with my camera

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What about the naturalness and freshness of the authentic smiles? Why not shoot a tear or rob a kiss on the sly? For us it is an honor to be privileged to witness this special day

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Image By Isabelle Bazin

Isabelle Bazin

I love life and I love wedding. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. I travel throughout France and abroad, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography

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Image By Florent Cattelain

Florent Cattelain

French photographer with a journalistic approach.

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Image By Roberto Montorio

Roberto Montorio

My name is Roberto. I am a wedding photographer and I live in Zaragoza. I love what I do. My goal is to capture the smallest moments in a natural and authentic way. Each wedding is

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Image By Olivier BOLTE

Olivier BOLTE

TOP 20 WPS PHOTOGRAPHERS 2019 Multi awards winning french photographer, traveling worldwide to capture great moments of life, love, laugh and fun!

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Image By Poptelecan Ionut

Poptelecan Ionut

I\/m Ionut Poptelecan and I\/m glad you found me! My story is in fact the wedding documentary I want to share in a unique way. MY GOAL My purpose is simple and bold. I want to te

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Image By Oier Aso (ARTEFOTO)


Oier Aso is an award-winning destination wedding photographer based in the north of Spain but working worldwide. He have been creating amazing photos since 2010 when he opened AR

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Image By Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez

I photographed with passion the most important moments of your life to remind them with the same excitement as the first day. That\/s our big goal.

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Image By Miguel Onieva

Miguel Onieva

Wedding storyteller with a natural and emotional style are looking for intrepid couples that will celebrate their wedding anywhere around the world and likes a different photograph

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Image By Rafa Martell

Rafa Martell

Moments that will never be lost. With great knowledge of photographic technique and composition based on different workshops with photographers worldwide wellknown. I am confident

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Image By Marco Helga

Marco Helga

I like to take a very natural picture. I do not alter the natural development of the wedding. Landscape photography combine with elaborate frames and using additional light as the

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Image By Valentin Gamiz

Valentin Gamiz

Wedding photographer based in Cordoba (Spain). Please visit my website to see more examples of my wedding photography. Thank you for considering me!

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Image By David Anton

David Anton

Each wedding is unique, and it is my joy to discover this special aesthetics and then giving it my own artistic touch.... however always with your wishes and expectations in mind.

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Image By Alexander Ziegler

Alexander Ziegler

Dear wedding couple, it is always important to me that we both are on a wavelength. Because outstanding photography always requires trust and good communication. Thats what I learn

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Image By Fotoinstantes


Since I was a child I lived with passion photography, I grew up among books my father: Man Ray, Cartier Bresson ..., I loved to browse its pages. I think so today look at things di

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Image By PhotoEmotions by Oscar Anta

PhotoEmotions by Oscar Anta

My name is Oscar and with my wife Monica we formed a young, dinamic and passionate team. We love wedding photography, and we do not understand our life without photography. When yo

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Image By Agustin Regidor

Agustin Regidor

¡Disfruto de lo que hago! Mis fotografías serán un documento emocionante que recordaréis toda la vida.

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Image By Rafa Cucharero

Rafa Cucharero

Fotógrafo internacional de bodas. Fotografía documental y artística cercana de alto impacto donde se mezclan emociones, luz y sentimientos.

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Image By David Delgado

David Delgado

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer... Love telling Stories around the World

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Image By serena roscetti

serena roscetti

Sono Serena Roscetti, una fotografa di Roma che realizza servizi in Italia ed all’Estero e che nel reportage di Matrimonio ha trovato la propria espressione. Con i miei scatt

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Image By Javi Collazo

Javi Collazo

I believe photography as well as being a memory in pictures of a day, should be exciting and should transport you to this happy and unforgettable moment. I seek photographs that

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Image By Victor Leontescu

Victor Leontescu

Greetings! My name is Victor and I\/m a destination wedding photographer from Romania. I love to tell stories from all over the world with my soul and camera in an emotional and cr

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Image By George Stan

George Stan

I am an ordinary man who loves wedding photography.

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Image By Jiri Horak

Jiri Horak

Tras varios años dedicándome a la fotografía encontré el amor verdadero en este apasionante mundo de las bodas. Simplemente porque me emociona, me apasiona, y me divierte .. M

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Image By Dävu Novoa

Dävu Novoa

We forget certain details & expeiences that we have lived. After so many years, you take a look at a particular photo which transports you back to that moment, to that place, to th

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Image By Rocío Sánchez

Rocío Sánchez

I love photography,I believe in love,I love spontaneous emotions, I get to take photos that capture your unique moments. I’m a wedding storyteller!

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Image By Joan Llop

Joan Llop

Fotografía de bodas de Familia y recién nacido

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Image By Salva Lluch

Salva Lluch

Hola! Mi nombre es Salva Lluch. Amo la fotografía de bodas, y amo las bonitas historias de amor. Mi estilo fotográfico se basa en contar lo que sucede sin intervenir. De esta for

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Image By Marios Kourouniotis

Marios Kourouniotis

In the absence of light, no picture can be captured . Humans emit their light in a place but at the same time they are so sensitive such as a light-sensitive material , such as p

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Image By Dami Sáez

Dami Sáez

Creo que la verdadera fotografía de boda tiene que transmitir. "La personas olvidaran lo que dijiste y lo que hiciste, pero nunca olvidaran cómo las hiciste sentir" Maya Angeluo

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Image By Jadoris


We are Adina and Andrei a young couple in love with photography and beauty. We like to create memories that last a lifetime. Every time we take a picture we realize that we do what

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Image By BiCreative


Nos gusta hacer bien nuestro trabajo, y el resultado es profesional ya que unimos técnica y emoción para que, aunque pasen los años, siempre se quiera volver a ver las fotos y l

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Image By Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

I do wedding photography because this type of photography offers a unique opportunity to capture the purest human emotions. I try to capture these strong feelings that only in a we

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Image By Laura Arroyo

Laura Arroyo

Laura is a photo-journalism based in Spain and love to documentary weddings. Her photos are natural and fresh without poses and capture all the feelings in your day.

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Image By Tonia&Theodore


Hi, we are Tonia and Theodore, fine art wedding photographers born and raised in Greece. Couple for two decades and always in love with each other. We also share the same vision an

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Image By Carlota Lagunas Fotografia

Carlota Lagunas Fotografia

Creo que la mejor forma de entender mi forma de trabajar, es viendo mis fotografias, busco captar todos los momentos de una forma natural para que tengáis un recuerdo para siempre

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Image By Inma del Valle

Inma del Valle

Mi nombre es Inma del Valle y me especializo en la fotografía Art Boda. Para que tengáis alguna referencia sobre mí…He expuesto en la feria internacional de Munich “Munic

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Sabemos de la importancia que tiene para vosotros ese día, y por ello, dedicamos toda nuestra atención en ofreceros un trabajo de gran calidad, en sorprenderos y no conformarnos

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Image By David Bignolet

David Bignolet

David réalise plus de 30 mariages par an, partout en Europe. Il est reconnu pour ses photos naturelles, spontanées avec beaucoup d’émotions. Il est à l’écoute vos demande

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Image By FilmStinct


FilmStinct is not just an audiovisual company, is our kingdom for sight and hearing. It is that inner force that leads us, without knowing how to explain it, to compose, capture an

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Image By Patrice Dorizon

Patrice Dorizon

I am a French photographer, creator of unique images. A touch of French fashion filled with emotions and romance. I travel France and the world to put my images and my know-how a

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Image By Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

I am a destination wedding photographer based in Poland but available worldwide. My work is my passion, with all positive energy. Let me capture your story - I will be passionate a

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Image By Ettore Franceschi

Ettore Franceschi

I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer but I’m also a designer, a husband and father of two children. I’m a curious person, but at the same time I’m quite reserved. I’ve

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Booda Fotografía lo forma un equipo joven de fotógrafos y videógrafos apasionados por su trabajo cuya única misión es captar con sus cámaras uno de los días más especiales

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Image By James Sturcke

James Sturcke

Hello. Before moving to Spain I was a staff journalist at the Guardian in London. I specialise in bringing years of experience of working in newspapers to my wedding photography. Y

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Image By Unai Novoa

Unai Novoa

I'm Unai Novoa, a creative soul who decided to take a new adventure: to tell stories traveling to the inside of the people. To their feelings and thoughts: to their roots. My p

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Image By Roberto Berdini

Roberto Berdini

Bokêh Fotografía nace con la intención de retratar el día de la boda, con sus nervios, sus momentos emotivos y sus risas, sin interrumpir su devenir natural. Con un estilo marc

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Image By Sergi Escrivà

Sergi Escrivà

I am in love with people, life and love. I love having unique stories. Photography is an art that allows me to represent the world through my eyes, from a point of view using lig

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Image By Luca Caparrelli

Luca Caparrelli

Hi everyone! I\/m Luca a photographer based in Rome, Italy. My style of photography is a Relaxed, Creative and Fun Reportage. I shoot your wedding day in a Documentary Style using

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Image By Pedro Volana

Pedro Volana

I\/m Pedro, for me it is a privilege to photograph couples, tell their stories, feelings, emotions and complicity in an image. My photography is a collection of sublime, unique a

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Image By Anabel Vargas Photography

Anabel Vargas Photography

As Photographer, my main commitment is bold & simple: Make you feel that your Wedding & Life Story are Special & Unique. Just yours! I will do my best to be like a Butterfly flying

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Image By Black Pixels

Black Pixels

Fulltime wedding photographer since 2017

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Image By Emil Boczek

Emil Boczek

Documentary wedding photographer based in West Midlands, UK.

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Image By Chloé SORBE


I am Chloé SORBE, photographer of emotion, life and precious moments. I am an over-motivated businesswoman, mother of three boys and loving wife for 19 years… I take photos to l

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Image By Catherine Hudson-Paturet

Catherine Hudson-Paturet

Hi, I am Catherine, a Franco-British photographer, based in the South of France. When I photograph weddings, my most sincere wish is to find the connections between you and the pe

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Image By maxime bernadin

maxime bernadin

French weding photographer for 5 years now. I love to cover your weddings all around the world.

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Image By David de Loro

David de Loro

David de Loro es un profesional de la imagen que hizo de su principal afición su oficio. Si buscáis un reportaje de boda que condense vuestra naturalidad, así como cualquier sen

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I am a wedding photographer who loves to capture moments and emotions that can go unnoticed at first glance. I tell stories that surprise the bride and groom and guests.

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Image By Saana


The image is not a passion, it is beyond, it is a real obsession. I started many years ago under the influence of my friends studying Letters and Fine Arts in Tours, where I traine

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Image By Artesano de la Luz

Artesano de la Luz

Mi nombre es David, aunque se me conoce como el Artesano de la Luz. Mi historía en la fotografía viene ya de lejos, fue sobre los 18 años cuando empezó a fascinarme el pre

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Image By Roxana Ramirez. love

Roxana Ramirez. love

Hi I\/m a wedding and family photographer in Mallorca, focused on love and real stories

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