International Wedding Photographers From Italy

Discover the best wedding photographers from Italy. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the trends. an artistic and photojournalist

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Image By Damiano Salvadori

Damiano Salvadori

I\/m a destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany, Italy and available worldwide. I\/m the owner, with my wife Donatella, of the D2 Photography studio in Certaldo, Florence.

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Image By Rino Cordella

Rino Cordella

Italian international awarded wedding photographer living in Salento(Puglia) Rino, through his images expresses emotions of those he photograph, capturing unique moments, with the

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Image By Donatella Barbera

Donatella Barbera

I’m cheerful, outgoing, stubborn and resourceful + I’m a photographer :)

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Image By Massimiliano Magliacca

Massimiliano Magliacca

Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers - I am a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, I opened Nabis Photographers

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Image By Florin Stefan

Florin Stefan

You can see al my work on mywebsite or on my facebook page. Hope to see you soon :)

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Image By Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo

I am completely passionate about what I do. My photography is modern, creative, artistic and individually handcrafted. I eat and breathe photography, and I\/m always pushing harder

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Image By Luigi Rota

Luigi Rota

Born in Lecco (Italy) in 1973 he began photographing when he was fifteen years old, so he has 20 years experience in wedding photography.He works as a fashion and ADV photographer

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Image By Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz

At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... My job is to document unique moments and narrate wedding stories. Every couple tells a different o

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Image By Marnix de Stigter

Marnix de Stigter

Full time Dutch-American wedding photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I combine documentary styled wedding photography with creative out-of-the-box posed images. Co

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Image By David Hofman

David Hofman

Destination Brazilian photographer serving around the world. I love to be a part of amazing stories.

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Image By Carmelo Ucchino

Carmelo Ucchino

I am a professional wedding photographer. I like to capture the unique moments of an event, with emotion and naturalness. I have photographed many spouses, but in every new marriag

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Image By Mario De Luzio

Mario De Luzio

I am a italian wedding photographer. The passion for photography has been handed down to me since I was a child, mine is a family of photographers from four generations. I am a ver

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Image By matteo lomonte

matteo lomonte

Matteo Lomonte was born in 1983 in Gioia del Colle, a little town in the south of Italy. In 2001 he started to develop his passion for photography and after a self-taught training,

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Image By Andrei Dumitrache

Andrei Dumitrache

Through images, I prove that you don’t need voices to tell a story. I’m a photographer because it’s how I live. And I live fully, because what I capture are moments I lose my

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Image By Barbara Fabbri

Barbara Fabbri

Barbara is a wedding and authentic life portrait photographer based in Italy, but she travels all over the world. She is most recognized for her black and white photography and her

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Image By Chiara Ridolfi

Chiara Ridolfi

After being trained at The Roman School of Photography and having developed a passion for printing and photographic research at the Experimental Center of Photography, she joined

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Image By Sylvain Bouzat

Sylvain Bouzat

Emotions... Sincerity, authentical moments and small details... All these words that carry meaning define Sylvain Bouzat\/s workflow, philosophy and way of life. Sylvain tells

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Image By Isabelle Bazin

Isabelle Bazin

I love life and I love wedding. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. I travel throughout France and abroad, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography

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Image By Livio Lacurre

Livio Lacurre

"A GENIUS AT STORYTELLING" Junebug Weddings. I\/m an international awarded destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany, in Arezzo, near Florence. I\/m member of ISPWP

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Image By Gianfranco Bernardo

Gianfranco Bernardo

Enthusiasm and dedication to photography allows me to see what the naked eye cannot see. With my lens, I will bring your emotions back to life in an unforgettable Wedding Lookbook!

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Image By Marco Miglianti

Marco Miglianti

Marco Miglianti is wedding photographer covering weddings in Italy and internationally. Marco has passion for wedding photography and loves to capture the genuine emotions of a

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Barbara Zanon is an international awarded wedding photographer, based in Venice but available for all destinations wedding (Italy,Europe, World). Photojournalist, she publishes on

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Image By Alessandro Iasevoli

Alessandro Iasevoli

I offer my passion and experience for photography and story-telling to those want to witness their wedding in a authentic and emotional way. Unlike the traditional posed wedding ph

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Image By Daniele Torella

Daniele Torella

Neither do I like to ask people to pose nor build myself the scene. I do prefer to follow the event just as it gradually takes place as I am convinced that nothing more than the im

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Image By Martin Hecht

Martin Hecht

Hi, i am Martin and Wedding Photographer. 2009 i start my Business. In recent years, I have been able to accompany a lot of bridal couples and keep the emotions. I am happy to be

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Image By Vlad Pahontu

Vlad Pahontu

"more than photography... Passion" I'm a photographer, based on weddings, from Bucharest, Romania, and I love what I do! I think it has to be more than a job, it has to be a real p

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Image By Miguel Onieva

Miguel Onieva

Wedding storyteller with a natural and emotional style are looking for intrepid couples that will celebrate their wedding anywhere around the world and likes a different photograph

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Image By Danilo Coluccio

Danilo Coluccio

As a lover of art, from an early age I started a researching intensive pictures, convinced that any form of art, such as painting, could provide an important input to my growth. M

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Image By Luigi Cordella

Luigi Cordella

Luigi Cordella is a young Italian photographer born on January 23, 1992. His pictures follow the photojournalistic style, and his constant research allows him to always obtain fre

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Image By Francesco Gravina

Francesco Gravina

I am a destination wedding photographer, my style is documentarist, contaminated by creative photography. I am a very sensitive person, one of those lucky people who get excited wh

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Image By Marco Fantauzzo

Marco Fantauzzo

You could describe the photojournalistic Marco\/s style with so many words. You could say that his photographs are spontaneous, that can arouse emotions, to seize the moments, of t

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Image By Francesco Spighi

Francesco Spighi

Hi All, I’m Francesco and I’m based in Florence, Tuscany. First of all I’m a Dreamer, than a Photographer …I like to observe people; I search an inusual

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Image By Alexander Ziegler

Alexander Ziegler

Dear wedding couple, it is always important to me that we both are on a wavelength. Because outstanding photography always requires trust and good communication. Thats what I learn

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Image By Veronika Simonova

Veronika Simonova

My name is Veronika, I am an experienced wedding photographer and love storyteller. I am 35 years old and I am a mother of a 6 years-old superman. Based in Strasbourg, I work throu

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Image By Light & Dreams Studio - Massimiliano Esposito

Light & Dreams Studio - Massimiliano Esposito

ITALY  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy Colorful, timeless and romantic imagery. We are a husband and wife team based in the heart of  ITALY ,

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Image By Riccardo Bestetti

Riccardo Bestetti

Refined journalistic style with a strong emotive impact. Winning member of WPJA - ISPWP- ANFM - WPPI -WPS - WEP -BWPS - FearlessPhotographers The study is in the strategic c

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Image By Luca Fabbian

Luca Fabbian

Hello! I\/m Luca and I adore my job: to tell about love, emotions, beauty, candor...The most cherished reward for me is in the words of those who become "my" couples, such as these

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Image By serena roscetti

serena roscetti

Sono Serena Roscetti, una fotografa di Roma che realizza servizi in Italia ed all’Estero e che nel reportage di Matrimonio ha trovato la propria espressione. Con i miei scatt

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Image By Fortunato Caracciolo

Fortunato Caracciolo

Often people ask me: which is the best photo you\/ve ever done? I answer: the one I’ll do tomorrow. This because I am always looking for something that push me to do this wo

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Image By Eugenio Luti

Eugenio Luti

My work is to see beyond everything and in the end to stop the emotion of the moment. Marriage is a unique day and for this reason the images have to be alive enough to revive the

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Image By Victor Leontescu

Victor Leontescu

Greetings! My name is Victor and I\/m a destination wedding photographer from Romania. I love to tell stories from all over the world with my soul and camera in an emotional and cr

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Image By George Stan

George Stan

I am an ordinary man who loves wedding photography.

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Image By Stefano Ferrier

Stefano Ferrier

Wedding photography is a unique opportunity for me to portray emotions in all their nuances, I love authentic people and describing their essence in photographs, this is the

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Image By Jos WoodSmith

Jos WoodSmith

Jos and his wife Tree are adventurous documentary wedding photographers whose style has taken them all over the world. Fueled with a passion to learn and grow they are constantly t

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Image By David Hallwas

David Hallwas

I am a photographer based in Germany (NRW). I studied Communication Design in Düsseldorf. Because of my passion, I concentrated on wedding photography. I focuses on photojournalis

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Image By Andrea Pitti

Andrea Pitti

wedding photographer in Italy since 1990

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Image By Anji Martin

Anji Martin

If you\/ve come here looking for photographers who can help you tell the world your love story, you\/re in the right place! I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you bette

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Image By Tree WoodSmith

Tree WoodSmith

Tree and her partner Jos are adventurous documentary wedding photographers whose style has taken them all over the world. Fueled with a passion to learn and grow they are constantl

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Image By Stefano Snaidero

Stefano Snaidero

Stefano Snaidero was born in Venice in 1979. His passion for photography develops following the footsteps of the great reporters Studia Reportage obtaining a Masters in Photojourna

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Image By Francesco Manganelli

Francesco Manganelli

I tell your story, I catch your emotions. This sentence embodies my way of being a wedding photographer: telling the story of your happiest day in pictures. Starting behind the

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My name is Silvia Cleri and I’m a documentary wedding and portrait photographer based in Rome. where I was born in 1978. Available everywhere in the world. I personally live my

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I have a huge responsibility: over a considerable period of time, I must be good at make You relive the emotions You felt on the Wedding Day, like the first time. In 10, 20, 50 yea

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Image By Marios Kourouniotis

Marios Kourouniotis

In the absence of light, no picture can be captured . Humans emit their light in a place but at the same time they are so sensitive such as a light-sensitive material , such as p

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Image By Jadoris


We are Adina and Andrei a young couple in love with photography and beauty. We like to create memories that last a lifetime. Every time we take a picture we realize that we do what

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Image By Ori Chayun

Ori Chayun

International wedding photographer who loves to shoot love stories around the world. specialize in weddings and love story photography and always looking for new crazy ideas. For

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Image By Edoardo Agresti

Edoardo Agresti

Member of WPJA, AgWPJA, ISPWP and founder of Best Wedding Photographers. Member of Master Photographer Association (MPA), Federation of European Photographer (FEP) International aw

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Image By Pozzer Mauro Fotografo

Pozzer Mauro Fotografo

Mauro Pozzer – an Italian award winning photographer with over twenty years of wedding photography experience. Beyond Italy, he has shot weddings in Australia, Miami, New York, S

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Image By Massimo Fiorentini

Massimo Fiorentini

Massimo Fiorentini , is a wedding photojournalist ( TAU VISUAL and WPJA member) based in Italy. He work everyday for papers, magazines of your city Ravenna . Available for des

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Image By Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

I do wedding photography because this type of photography offers a unique opportunity to capture the purest human emotions. I try to capture these strong feelings that only in a we

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Image By Photographers & Partners

Photographers & Partners

Photographers & Partners is a creation of professional wedding photographer Domenico Costabile, his experience of 20 years of wedding photography has started a brand new project of

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Image By CB Photographer Venice

CB Photographer Venice

I\/m a wedding photographer based in Venice, Italy. My goal is providing stunning photos that will enjoy my clients for decades to come. I love capturing emotions in any shoot.

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Image By Andrea Madeo

Andrea Madeo

Passionate about Digital Graphics and Post-Production for many years, for about seven years I have approached the wonderful world of Photography, a passion that drives me to always

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Image By guido tramontano guerritore

guido tramontano guerritore

My aim is document your wedding as an external observer, with a non intrusive approach. I am known for going almost unnoticed, careful and discrete, ready to capture each valuabl

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Image By Laura Arroyo

Laura Arroyo

Laura is a photo-journalism based in Spain and love to documentary weddings. Her photos are natural and fresh without poses and capture all the feelings in your day.

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Image By Siobhan Hegarty Photography

Siobhan Hegarty Photography

Siobhan Hegarty Photography is a professional wedding photography team from Ireland, now living and working in Italy. We are available for wedding photography in Rome and throughou

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Image By Tonia&Theodore


Hi, we are Tonia and Theodore, fine art wedding photographers born and raised in Greece. Couple for two decades and always in love with each other. We also share the same vision an

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Image By Alex C. Photography

Alex C. Photography

Hi! ??!Buon giorno! (Yeah, I speak a little bit of Chinese and Italian) :) I\/m a professional wedding photographer, in love with life and people. I love candid moments, pure

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Image By FairytaleWeddings


I love Shooting Weddings! It\/s all about that unique emotion of that day. A day full of glowing energy to see, feel, and capture.I am a very passionate energetic and full in love

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Image By Coralie Castillo

Coralie Castillo

I am a french wedding photographer based in Lyon, South of France but available worldwide :) I love to travel! In a documentary style, fresh and fun, I love to tell happy stories,

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Image By Anne Gerzat

Anne Gerzat

I\/m a discrete wedding photographer, always aiming to catch and capture the best, most intense and real moments of your day. Passionate, always having a tear when the groom discov

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Image By Stefano Cassaro

Stefano Cassaro

I'm an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer based near Venice but I work in all regions of Italy an I'm also available around the world. I'm deeply in love with my partner and

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Image By Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

I am a destination wedding photographer based in Poland but available worldwide. My work is my passion, with all positive energy. Let me capture your story - I will be passionate a

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Image By Ettore Franceschi

Ettore Franceschi

I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer but I’m also a designer, a husband and father of two children. I’m a curious person, but at the same time I’m quite reserved. I’ve

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Image By Eugenia Ziginova

Eugenia Ziginova

Russian Photographer I became a wedding photographer since I felt that this where true beauty is, thanks to the added emotions. We\/re working hard for this day to be the most be

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Image By Massimiliano Ferro

Massimiliano Ferro

Massimiliano ferro è un fotografo palermitano Il suo primo approccio alla fotografia ha luogo in tenera età, quando riceve in dono dal padre la sua prima macchina fotografica: u

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Image By Simone Sechi

Simone Sechi

I\/m a Photographer based in sardinia (IT),but I can work anywhere in the entire known universe. If you are interested in my photography, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Image By Alessandro Morbidelli

Alessandro Morbidelli

I’m Alex, an experienced photographer in Tuscany, I specialized in wedding, family, engagements and couple photography. I believe in happiness and the good in people. I believe

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Image By Giuliano Del Gatto

Giuliano Del Gatto

Professional photographer born in Rome. He began his photographic activity since the early years of the university by publishing his images in local magazines and free press. Grad

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Image By Carlotta Nucci

Carlotta Nucci

I wish for couples to be able to enjoy their wedding day spending it with their loved ones and not with the photographer. This is why I chose documentary photography. If you wish

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I love writing stories and they always come out better when I use my camera. Lights, contrasts, colours, depth... these are the letters of my alphabet, the alphabet I use to tell s

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Image By Dario Dusio

Dario Dusio

I’m Dario a wedding professional photographer based in Turin, Italy. I’m also a joyful dad! I love traveling, Guinness, sushi, and rock music. I was born in Turin in 1983. I

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Image By Luca Caparrelli

Luca Caparrelli

Hi everyone! I\/m Luca a photographer based in Rome, Italy. My style of photography is a Relaxed, Creative and Fun Reportage. I shoot your wedding day in a Documentary Style using

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Image By Pedro Volana

Pedro Volana

I\/m Pedro, for me it is a privilege to photograph couples, tell their stories, feelings, emotions and complicity in an image. My photography is a collection of sublime, unique a

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Image By Yiannis Sotiropoulos

Yiannis Sotiropoulos

I am Greek wedding photographer and I love to capture the real story of your wedding day, full with emotions, fun and unique moments!

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Image By Andrea Borsani

Andrea Borsani

Italian wedding photographer. Spontaneity, freshness with touches of creativity and modernity, are the keywords of my shoots. During the most beautiful day of your life, I\/

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Image By Cristian Manolache

Cristian Manolache

I am Cristian: Wedding photographer in London, Bucharest and beyond.. I work with people who embrace life and all the little adventures it can bring. Being an imaginative photograp

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Image By Emil Boczek

Emil Boczek

Documentary wedding photographer based in West Midlands, UK.

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Image By Chloé SORBE


I am Chloé SORBE, photographer of emotion, life and precious moments. I am an over-motivated businesswoman, mother of three boys and loving wife for 19 years… I take photos to l

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Image By maxime bernadin

maxime bernadin

French weding photographer for 5 years now. I love to cover your weddings all around the world.

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Image By Caterina Errani Photography

Caterina Errani Photography

My love for photography was born with the desire to enhance and transmit the emotions that bring people’s hearts close together. For more than ten years, I have been capturing th

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Image By Nando Spiezia

Nando Spiezia

Photography has always been a great passion of mine. I only wanted it to become my job after a year of business administration, a faculty I had chosen to please my parents, but wh

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Image By Octavian Micleusanu

Octavian Micleusanu

I am a photographer,graphic designer and painter. I\/m also a teacher. I bought my first film camera in 1995, at the age of 18. In 2001 I i start study in the Academy of Fine Arts

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Image By Saana


The image is not a passion, it is beyond, it is a real obsession. I started many years ago under the influence of my friends studying Letters and Fine Arts in Tours, where I traine

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Image By Andrea Rotili

Andrea Rotili

Awarded Italian Photographer in Marche region, specialized in wedding photography, family portraits and events in the world of jazz music. Always looking to tell every situation

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Image By Biagio Sollazzi

Biagio Sollazzi

Sono un narratore di emozioni, amo viverle, respirarle e poi tradurle in foto. Amo scrivere con la luce quello che i miei occhi vedono

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Image By Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter

My name is Giancarlo Malandra and I\/m a wedding photographer from Abruzzo, I live and work in Giulianova, a lovely city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Having to choose a category

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