International Wedding Photographers From France

Discover the best wedding photographers from France. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Franck is an award-winning destination wedding photographer specialized in documentary photography. He has won more than 230 international awards over the last 10 years and is regu

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Image By Benjamin Brette

Benjamin Brette

I\/m a french wedding photographer and I really love weddings. One of my friend invented neologism for that : "mariageophile". My work is a combination of photojournalism and

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Image By Massimiliano Magliacca

Massimiliano Magliacca

Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers - I am a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, I opened Nabis Photographers

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Image By Christophe Viseux

Christophe Viseux

Christophe Viseux is a well-traveled and award-winning wedding photographer. He has a special interest in destination weddings.From high profile event to intimate and traditional c

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Image By Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo

I am completely passionate about what I do. My photography is modern, creative, artistic and individually handcrafted. I eat and breathe photography, and I\/m always pushing harder

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Image By Luigi Rota

Luigi Rota

Born in Lecco (Italy) in 1973 he began photographing when he was fifteen years old, so he has 20 years experience in wedding photography.He works as a fashion and ADV photographer

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Image By Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz

At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... My job is to document unique moments and narrate wedding stories. Every couple tells a different o

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Image By Julien Laurent-Georges

Julien Laurent-Georges

JLG is not an ordinary photographer. His name is made of three first names: Julien Laurent Georges ; his work record is impressive ; his multiple activities make of JLG an extraord

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Image By David Hofman

David Hofman

Destination Brazilian photographer serving around the world. I love to be a part of amazing stories.

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Image By Olivier Fréchard

Olivier Fréchard

Let me share with you an experience, more than simple "memories pictures". I will to illustrate who you are, what your are with power and simplicity. I want ti share your true fee

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Image By Ronan Jégaden

Ronan Jégaden

Congratulations ! You have decided to get married and are preparing all details that will make your wedding a beautiful event. My role will be to support you during those moments

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Image By DavidOne


A Painter for more than 20 years, DavidOne is an International Wedding Photographer . Awarded in multiple photography contests, his work is a subtle mixture between fun, fine ar

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Image By Patrick Lombaert

Patrick Lombaert

From a Japanese mother born in Brazil and a Corsican father, I am a child of the world. Diversity is obviously a wealth and it is also what makes each of us unique. Happy married a

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Image By Amandine Ropars

Amandine Ropars

I\/ m Amandine and i\/m a wedding photographer since 10 years, living in Brittany, France. I have a feminine style. Light and emotion are very important in my work. I really love m

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Image By Julien Scussel

Julien Scussel

Based in Paris, Julien is involved in the editorial world and does travel worldwide. He has already shot many editorial assignments in Europe, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza &

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Image By LEA - Life Emotion Art - photography

LEA - Life Emotion Art - photography

Lea is a french wedding photographer based in Paris, fascinated by emotions and happiness. As a storyteller of emotions, she loves to travel, to meet new people and most of all

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Image By Julien Pontarolo

Julien Pontarolo

French based wedding and portrait photographer, available everywhere you need me. "Through wedding photography, I focus on the wonderful opportunity I am given to help people br

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Image By Chiara Ridolfi

Chiara Ridolfi

After being trained at The Roman School of Photography and having developed a passion for printing and photographic research at the Experimental Center of Photography, she joined

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Image By Sylvain Bouzat

Sylvain Bouzat

Emotions... Sincerity, authentical moments and small details... All these words that carry meaning define Sylvain Bouzat\/s workflow, philosophy and way of life. Sylvain tells

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Image By Isabelle Bazin

Isabelle Bazin

I love life and I love wedding. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. I travel throughout France and abroad, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography

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Image By Florent Cattelain

Florent Cattelain

French photographer with a journalistic approach.

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Image By Louis Brunet Photography

Louis Brunet Photography

Louis is using his sensitivity to tell wedding stories with his heart, in a documentary and artistic way. Based in West coast of France after five years living in Germany, he\/s tr

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Image By Baron Olivier

Baron Olivier

Why am I a wedding photographer? Maybe because of you, because off all these emotional and intimate moments you share with me. My approach is documenting, capturing life, it\/s all

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Image By Olivier BOLTE

Olivier BOLTE

TOP 20 WPS PHOTOGRAPHERS 2019 Multi awards winning french photographer, traveling worldwide to capture great moments of life, love, laugh and fun!

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Image By Poptelecan Ionut

Poptelecan Ionut

I\/m Ionut Poptelecan and I\/m glad you found me! My story is in fact the wedding documentary I want to share in a unique way. MY GOAL My purpose is simple and bold. I want to te

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Image By Gaelle Le Berre

Gaelle Le Berre

I am a professional wedding photographer based in France, with 4 years experience in this field. I started photography at the age of 15 by experimenting with developing photos

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Photograph your wedding, your love story is a way of life. Each wedding is a new challenge that drives me to innovate, to make this unique day a unique report in a photojournalism

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Stéphane Le Ludec is a wedding photographer based in Brittany, who attaches great importance to emotions and the human being. His images are bright, happy and colorful. He lik

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Image By Marco Helga

Marco Helga

I like to take a very natural picture. I do not alter the natural development of the wedding. Landscape photography combine with elaborate frames and using additional light as the

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Image By Gilles Perbal

Gilles Perbal

Gilles Perbal photographe spécialisé dans le mariage dans un style documentaire photojournalistique. Des photos naturelles et modernes, des photos prise sur le vifs. Capteur d\/

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Image By Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic

Dan\/s work is based on research of emotion, beautiful light with an artistic and fresh touch. The goal is to give you a unique perspective that will look timeless. Style: Modern

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Image By Julien MARIA

Julien MARIA

Wedding photographer around the world. Emotions and creativity for the better day of your life ! You can rely on my discretion whilst capturing those special personal interactions

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Image By Alexander Ziegler

Alexander Ziegler

Dear wedding couple, it is always important to me that we both are on a wavelength. Because outstanding photography always requires trust and good communication. Thats what I learn

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Image By Veronika Simonova

Veronika Simonova

My name is Veronika, I am an experienced wedding photographer and love storyteller. I am 35 years old and I am a mother of a 6 years-old superman. Based in Strasbourg, I work throu

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Image By Mehdi Djafer

Mehdi Djafer

To choose a wedding photographer must be done above all with your sensibility... This sensibility for the quality of the work, but especially this sensibility for the personality o

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Image By Jean-Baptiste Chauvin

Jean-Baptiste Chauvin

My greatest wish, as well as my duty as a wedding photographer, is to offer you wedding photos that are far from your typical shots.

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Image By Jeremy Fiori

Jeremy Fiori

French destination wedding photographer in documentary and timeless style.

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Image By Oliver Saillard

Oliver Saillard

Hello, I\/m Oliver! (and no, not Olivier in French, just Oliver) I document with authenticity and a glimpse of creativity your day all night long. I love to shoot tears, laugh

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Image By Yvan Marck

Yvan Marck

More than beautiful photos, it\/s your story that I want to tell through my images. Keep all your life remembering this day and moments with family and friends. I like traveling,

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Image By Coralie Garavel

Coralie Garavel

Hi, I\/m Coralie Garavel, It\/s in Lyon, in France where I was born and grew up. In love with the arts and above all with manual work, I immediately knew that I wanted to be an

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Image By Sébastien


En tant que photographe j’apporte une attention et un soin particulier à l’image que je capture. Président d’une association humanitaire depuis de nombreuse année, j’

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Image By Morisson Audrey

Morisson Audrey

Hey, I\/m Audrey and I love my job. I\/m wedding photographer in France and all around the world. Your wedding is an human adventure. My purpose is to document it in simplicity. No

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Image By Emmanuel Bergere

Emmanuel Bergere

Emmanuel Bergère shot more than 400 weddings since 2004 and still love this job! For four generations, the passion for pictures has been an integral part of his family. My fath

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Image By christophe Titimal

christophe Titimal

My Name is christophe Titimal , I\/m a wedding photographer . I propose a new wedding photography vision based on natural and emotion. My goal is to develop as discreetly as possi

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Image By Tree WoodSmith

Tree WoodSmith

Tree and her partner Jos are adventurous documentary wedding photographers whose style has taken them all over the world. Fueled with a passion to learn and grow they are constantl

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Image By Cristian Conea

Cristian Conea

Wedding Photographer based in Romania, a beautiful country :)

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Image By Yann Faucher

Yann Faucher

Yann Faucher is a French photographer based in Rennes, Brittany. He travels all over Europe to make wedding photos. Elected in 2017 best portraitist of France and recu Qep Wedding

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Image By Maxime Desessard

Maxime Desessard

I\/m a french wedding photographer living in Paris with my wife and young family. I work in my own style, which is a mix between my photojournalistic background and a unique fashio

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Image By Chrystel Echavidre

Chrystel Echavidre

I\/m a professional wedding photographer based in the South-West of France. I\/m working mostly in this region, but there are no boundaries, so feel free to contact me for a world

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Image By Laurent Patouillard

Laurent Patouillard

We are a wedding and portrait photography studio that specializes in capturing real moments with a « fresh touch »... We really love weddings !

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I have a huge responsibility: over a considerable period of time, I must be good at make You relive the emotions You felt on the Wedding Day, like the first time. In 10, 20, 50 yea

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Image By Ori Chayun

Ori Chayun

International wedding photographer who loves to shoot love stories around the world. specialize in weddings and love story photography and always looking for new crazy ideas. For

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Image By Julien Pasternak

Julien Pasternak

Full-time photographer, full-time husband, full-time dad of Violette and Samuel, full-time Parisian and always traveling, I can\/t do anything less than 100%. I guess it\/s a good

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Image By Maude Leduc

Maude Leduc

Wedding photographer based in Bordeaux, I travel everywhere in France. What I like about my job? I like the live reports, full of vibrant colors. I like them to show people as th

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Image By Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

I do wedding photography because this type of photography offers a unique opportunity to capture the purest human emotions. I try to capture these strong feelings that only in a we

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Image By Benoit BRIAND


Your special day has arrived. I will be there to capture those moments. My approach is based on photojournalism. This consists as placing myself in the right place at the right tim

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Image By Luc Hourriez

Luc Hourriez

Luc Hourriez photographer specializing in wedding, based in France between Paris and Troyes, moves around the world. Photojournalistic style captured the emotions like

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Image By Sebastien Chauchot

Sebastien Chauchot

Hello, I\/m Seb, wedding and family photographer living near Reims in France. Confidence, simplicity, authenticity are my rules of life ... and photography. Let us meet ant talk

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Image By Laura Arroyo

Laura Arroyo

Laura is a photo-journalism based in Spain and love to documentary weddings. Her photos are natural and fresh without poses and capture all the feelings in your day.

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Image By Inma del Valle

Inma del Valle

Mi nombre es Inma del Valle y me especializo en la fotografía Art Boda. Para que tengáis alguna referencia sobre mí…He expuesto en la feria internacional de Munich “Munic

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Image By karim kheyar

karim kheyar

Discreet and involved I am a storyteller. Based in Paris I tell with emotions and authenticity your history.

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Image By Jean-Luc Legros

Jean-Luc Legros

Hello, I\/m Jean-Luc, french wedding photographer based in Toulouse (South-West of France). My style is artistic photojournalism, I\/m always looking for unusual ways to show b

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Image By David Bignolet

David Bignolet

David réalise plus de 30 mariages par an, partout en Europe. Il est reconnu pour ses photos naturelles, spontanées avec beaucoup d’émotions. Il est à l’écoute vos demande

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Image By FilmStinct


FilmStinct is not just an audiovisual company, is our kingdom for sight and hearing. It is that inner force that leads us, without knowing how to explain it, to compose, capture an

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Image By Coralie Castillo

Coralie Castillo

I am a french wedding photographer based in Lyon, South of France but available worldwide :) I love to travel! In a documentary style, fresh and fun, I love to tell happy stories,

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Image By Nicolas Grout

Nicolas Grout

I am a photographer for people who love each other. As a wedding photographer , I am committed to creating beautiful memories for my clients with a non-intrusive approach. Want nat

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Image By Camille Dufosse

Camille Dufosse

My photos are more than just beautiful pictures, they awaken all of your senses,. through them I\/m telling the story of the first day of your new life. Live your wedding day and I

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Image By Patrice Dorizon

Patrice Dorizon

I am a French photographer, creator of unique images. A touch of French fashion filled with emotions and romance. I travel France and the world to put my images and my know-how a

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Image By Gregory Pichet

Gregory Pichet

I am a french wedding photographer with a photojournalistic approach. I like also posing couple photos. I really love people and do always my best to be the photographer couples ar

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Image By Bozhidar Krastev

Bozhidar Krastev

We are Detelina & Bozhidar from Vonlè Art photography. We believe Wedding Photography is the art of capturing the passion, emotions and excitement you experience on your special

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Image By Anne Gerzat

Anne Gerzat

I\/m a discrete wedding photographer, always aiming to catch and capture the best, most intense and real moments of your day. Passionate, always having a tear when the groom discov

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Image By Stefano Cassaro

Stefano Cassaro

I'm an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer based near Venice but I work in all regions of Italy an I'm also available around the world. I'm deeply in love with my partner and

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Image By David Mignot

David Mignot

David photographe depuis 2010 basé en Normandie. Ma préférence dans votre jour J sont les liens et marque d\/affection entre toutes les personnes. Ma mission : essayer de retr

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Image By Dagmara Bojenko

Dagmara Bojenko

When everthing is said and done, all I remember in my life are the people who have touched my heart, who have made me want to tell a story together. This is what motivates me every

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Image By Nuage Creation

Nuage Creation

Nuage Creation creates your most beautiful memories on the occasion of your wedding. I spot emotions and allow you to relive in natural clichés, colorful and full of sweetness. I

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Image By Ettore Franceschi

Ettore Franceschi

I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer but I’m also a designer, a husband and father of two children. I’m a curious person, but at the same time I’m quite reserved. I’ve

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Image By Eugenia Ziginova

Eugenia Ziginova

Russian Photographer I became a wedding photographer since I felt that this where true beauty is, thanks to the added emotions. We\/re working hard for this day to be the most be

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My style of photography is natural, creative. I am a professional photographer in the south west of France, I am a Wedding & reporter Photographer with a documentary style and a to

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Image By Pierre-Yves Queignec

Pierre-Yves Queignec

The creative and graphic sense of my pictures is for me a constant obsession, I play with lights, shadows, composition, speed and colors. I do my best to deliver as many beautiful

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Image By Roberts Voskāns / RobertsVoskans.COM - Photography

Roberts Voskāns / RobertsVoskans.COM - Photography

Roberts Voskāns - Kāzu fotogrāfs, Portretu fotogrāfs, Sporta fotogrāfs Wedding photographer, Portrait photography, Sports photographer, Hochzeitsfotograf, Photographe de Maria

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Image By Luca Caparrelli

Luca Caparrelli

Hi everyone! I\/m Luca a photographer based in Rome, Italy. My style of photography is a Relaxed, Creative and Fun Reportage. I shoot your wedding day in a Documentary Style using

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Image By Bienfait Alexandre

Bienfait Alexandre

French photographer since 2012, I love to be part of these amazing days and so happy to create deep relationships with my customers and with their families and friends.

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Image By Anthony Phung

Anthony Phung

" I love telling stories through my images. Every couple is different & every wedding tells a different story, I like being part of it "

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Image By Gérald Mattel

Gérald Mattel

Bearded adventurer, I am a photographer passionate about the human and life. My photographic approach is that of photo-reportage: to transcribe the true and the natural, to make im

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Image By Lara ROSSELLO


We are a married couple, passioned on image, and we have create our socity in 2014. We are specialised on wedding. Me, Lara, i\/am the photographer and Alex, my husband, is videoma

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Image By Black Pixels

Black Pixels

Fulltime wedding photographer since 2017

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Image By Olivier Leroy

Olivier Leroy

J\/aime capturer les moments d\/émotion et les instants de vie qui entourent chaque étape importante de votre journée de mariage. J\/aime raconter l\/histoire de votre mariage

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Image By Jérémy Sauterel

Jérémy Sauterel

Je raconte l\/histoire de votre mariage avec mes photos pleines de spontanéité et de naturel. Un échange de regards complices, un sourire bienveillant, un bisou rempli de tendre

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Image By Caroline ALEXANDRE


Through photography I want to help the bride and groom to find themselves in images that arouse emotion. Convinced that photography in each home is a true family heritage, I hel

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Image By Cristian Manolache

Cristian Manolache

I am Cristian: Wedding photographer in London, Bucharest and beyond.. I work with people who embrace life and all the little adventures it can bring. Being an imaginative photograp

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Image By Henri Deroche

Henri Deroche

Passionate about photography for many years, I put my eye and my artistic leg at your service in all discretion Each work has for sole purpose the valuation of your event. It is

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Image By Kerry Morgan

Kerry Morgan

Photographer in the south of France who mixes natural story-telling images with beautiful groups and portraits.

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Image By Sebastien Souris Thibert

Sebastien Souris Thibert

Hi, I am a french photographer living near the famous Pink City, Toulouse. Since a long long time, my passion is directed to photography and music. I am totally in. About my phot

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Image By Chloé SORBE


I am Chloé SORBE, photographer of emotion, life and precious moments. I am an over-motivated businesswoman, mother of three boys and loving wife for 19 years… I take photos to l

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Image By Catherine Hudson-Paturet

Catherine Hudson-Paturet

Hi, I am Catherine, a Franco-British photographer, based in the South of France. When I photograph weddings, my most sincere wish is to find the connections between you and the pe

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Image By Valentin Napoli

Valentin Napoli

Passionné de culture vidéo-ludique, avide de vidéos de vulgarisation de science sur Youtube, et compositeur de musique à mes heures perdues, je suis un geek créatif qui a plus

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Image By maxime bernadin

maxime bernadin

French weding photographer for 5 years now. I love to cover your weddings all around the world.

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Image By Laurent ALBOREO


Ce que je souhaite, c’est être le témoin de la magie de ce si beau moment, fait de partage, de tendresse et de joie, en toute simplicité. Je mets tout mon cœur et mon âm

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Image By Tom Picture

Tom Picture

Wedding photographer based in France. Destination weddings in France (Provence, and french Riviera) and around the world.

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Image By Jessica


Photographe professionnelle dans les Côtes d\/Armor, à Saint-Alban (près de Saint-Brieuc), je suis spécialisée dans les évènements d’exceptions, je m’inspire d’un styl

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Image By PhilArty Photography

PhilArty Photography

Wedding and elopement photographer based in Paris, available worldwide.

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Image By Saana


The image is not a passion, it is beyond, it is a real obsession. I started many years ago under the influence of my friends studying Letters and Fine Arts in Tours, where I traine

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Image By Andrea Rotili

Andrea Rotili

Awarded Italian Photographer in Marche region, specialized in wedding photography, family portraits and events in the world of jazz music. Always looking to tell every situation

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Image By Sebastien Hamilton

Sebastien Hamilton

I am a wedding photographer, I love to tell stories through my photos. Sharing one of the happiest days of your life fills me with joy and I like to transcribe this joy in my phot

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Image By Mickael Coulon

Mickael Coulon

Wedding photographer from North Of France SF fan Astrophotographer Dad and husband

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