Best Wedding Photographers 2014 Hall Of Fame.

It's always nice to look back and here we have a list of the best wedding photographers from 2014. Take a look below at our top wedding photographers hall of fame.

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At WPS we like our lists. So every year we curate a list of the best wedding photographers. Take a look at the top wedding photographers hall of fame. We run 6 Excellence Award Competitions each year and these are the wedding photographers with the most awards at the end of the competition.

Scroll down for the 2014 Hall of Fame. You wan't be disappointed.

Image By 1 Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

1 Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the tren...

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Image By 2 Pedro Cabrera

2 Pedro Cabrera

Throughout our lives we live unique and unrepeatable moments. We remember those great moments through pictures. So is our commitment to capture every ...

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Image By 3 Marius Barbulescu

3 Marius Barbulescu

It’s almost impossible for me to describe my photography… I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I...

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Image By 4 Christophe Viseux

4 Christophe Viseux

Christophe Viseux is a well-traveled and award-winning wedding photographer. He has a special interest in destination weddings.From high profile event...

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Image By 5 DavidOne

5 DavidOne

A Painter for more than 20 years, DavidOne is an International Wedding Photographer . Awarded in multiple photography contests, his wor...

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Image By 6 Philippe Nieus

6 Philippe Nieus

make it fun, make it magic, enjoy life...

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Image By 7 Marco Miglianti

7 Marco Miglianti

Marco Miglianti is wedding photographer covering weddings in Italy and internationally. Marco has passion for wedding photography and loves to capt...

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Image By 8 Benjamin Brette

8 Benjamin Brette

I\/m a french wedding photographer and I really love weddings. One of my friend invented neologism for that : "mariageophile". My work...

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Image By 9 Nicola Tonolini

9 Nicola Tonolini

I\/m a wedding photo-journalist. What I wish to give the bridal couple is a real, intense and long-lasting memory. My photographs will touch y...

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Image By 10 William LAMBELET

10 William LAMBELET

Taking photos is telling a story via capturing unique moments: This means to make live or resurrect emotions by catching authentic and spontaneous ins...

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Image By 11 Vinny Labella

11 Vinny Labella

She enjoys pushing the boundaries and taking an open-minded approach to her design of fresh and exciting images for each couple. Above all, she loves ...

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Image By 12 Miguel Angel Muniesa

12 Miguel Angel Muniesa

Somos conscientes de la importancia de un día tan especial en vuestras vidas como es el día de vuestra boda, por ello no perdemos detalle de los...

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Image By 13 Andreas Pollok

13 Andreas Pollok

Andreas Pollok is an international award winning weddding photographer from germany. He is based near Heidelberg and Frankfurt. He photographs ...

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Image By 14 Jacques Mateos

14 Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos specialize in Wedding and portrait, shooting your wedding with a blend of photojournalism and art. The keywords are anticipating, story...

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Image By 15 Cromatica Photography

15 Cromatica Photography

We are Irina and Robert, live in Bucharest and have been friends since high school. As a couple, we are known as Mom and Dad to our son and as Cromati...

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Image By 16 Livio Lacurre

16 Livio Lacurre

"A GENIUS AT STORYTELLING" Junebug Weddings. I\/m an international awarded destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany, in Arezz...

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Image By 17 Steven Rooney

17 Steven Rooney

Unique modern photojournalism telling the story of your wedding day. ...

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Image By 18 Alfredo Toscano

18 Alfredo Toscano

Alfredo Toscano is a wedding photographer specialized in photojournalism, who currently resides in Recife but is available for jobs throughout Brazil....

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Image By 19 Andre Mansano

19 Andre Mansano

We love to be there to capture everything in this day, but you will not find us running around and telling people what to do. We try to walk with a ce...

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Image By 20 Valentin Gamiz

20 Valentin Gamiz

Wedding photographer based in Cordoba (Spain). Please visit my website to see more examples of my wedding photography. Thank you for considering me!...

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