When Should I Announce My Wedding?

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When Should I Announce My Wedding?
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 30 Mar 2015

You've just made the most important decision of your life,you've chosen your life partner. Now brace yourself to make a million more tiny (yet significant) choices between now and the wedding, starting with the decision on when to announce your wedding.

First of all, don't get ahead of yourself. Enjoy your engagement and the special bond it creates between you and your partner. However, it is worth bearing in mind that weddings don't just come together overnight. The best venues and suppliers are likely to be booked up a year (or more) in advance, and you will need to work within these timescales as far as possible, while also giving your guests plenty of notice.

Here are a few classic dos and don'ts when it comes to announcing your wedding:

Do take your time

It's natural to want to scream it from the rooftops the second you get engaged, and start planning for your big day immediately. But take a breath and hold back a little. Enjoy this blissful time when your imminent wedding is a happy little secret between you and the only other person who matters.

Once you've set a date, the countdown begins, so make the most of this time while it lasts.

Don't forget about your suppliers

The timing of your announcement will depend greatly on the availability of your suppliers. After you have booked the venue, the next step is to choose your key vendors: the photographer, the florist, the caterers, the wedding band and, of course, the ceremony official. This is particularly important if you have your heart set on a specific person, as their availability may lead you to change the date.

stick to wedding tradition

Last year, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne broke a million hearts when they announced their respective engagements in The Times. The traditional newspaper announcement is a classy and romantic way to precede any 'save the dates', and will definitely go down well with the older generations.

Don't do it in a Facebook post

Yes, it's free. Yes, all your guests (bar great-aunt Agnes) are on social media. But announcing your wedding in an email, a tweet or worst of all an updated Facebook relationship status, is a cost-saving step too far. Not only will you have to clarify your invite policy in a public forum, you risk turning your invitation admin into a full time job, as people will feel that they can just message you directly with RSVPs and any other tiny detail that comes to mind. Sometimes the tried and tested card in the post method really wins out.