What Are Bridesmaid Duties.

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What Are Bridesmaid Duties.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 19 Nov 2014

It's official! You've been selected as a cherished friend and/or relation of a bride-to-be! So, what now? Here's how to perform your bridesmaid duties to perfection.

Before the big day

Be the calm comforter. It's your job as bridesmaid to placate and support the bride throughout the wedding planning process - however fraught it gets. Your new status as a bridesmaid places you on speed dial as a 4th emergency service. You'll now be expected to advise on a host of wedding planning issues plus family politics (all whilst enduring standing room only on the packed train to work).

Don't make assumptions. Clarify early on what the bride expects of you. This includes establishing early who will pay for what when it comes to selecting your dress & shoes for the big day. Equip yourself with knowledge of the bride's expectations; some like their bridesmaids to take a very active organisational role in the wedding planning. Other brides simply designate their maids the job of turning up on the morning of the ceremony.

Buy a permanent marker and use to it to schedule all wedding-related dates firmly in your diary. As required, book time off work well in advance.

Help plan a hen night celebration that's memorable for all the right reasons. Consider the bride's interests and make them the sole focus of her hen do; don't design an occasion that would only be your perfect version of events. Think things through in a considerate fashion to all guests present: i.e. realise it's ill advised to organise a fitness bootcamp that's booked to start straight after a cocktail making session.

what are bridesmaid duties

On the wedding day

Arrive in a timely fashion without fuss. Help the bride into her dress, force feed her rescue remedy and get ready to guard her lip-gloss with your life. (You'll need a small clutch bag that houses a bridal emergency kit, this will include her makeup essentials for the day ahead, plus some tissues.)

Assist your bride in and out of her wedding transport and ensure she is delivered safely to the ceremony. Check that her veil is positioned to perfection. Double-check that the dress isn't tucked into her knickers. Curb the enthusiasm of excited flower girls. They need to be calmed into a crocodile formation before you can even think about walking down the isle.

Stay social. If there's a receiving line for guests at the reception, you'll probably be featuring on it. Treat all guests to your finest sparkling conversation. Grace the dance floor as soon as your bride and groom indicate that they would like to be relieved of their solo first dance. Look like you are having fun even if you're not; it's your job to be the ultimate 'good times' ambassador.

Don't be a diva. This wedding may not be shaping up like the day of your dreams, but it is not necessary to complain about the shoes, your makeup or how your hair is back combed like Adam Ant in the 80s.

Let's be brutal here: it isn't your wedding day. Bite your tongue, tough it out and smile through it.

Offer assistance with tasks that loom after the wedding. Take responsibility for ensuring that the bride's luggage is transported to the room where she'll spend her wedding night. Assist the best man with collecting the wedding gifts and guest book, plus managing the return of all hire items & rented clothing.