Wedding Cake Trends In 2015.

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Wedding Cake Trends In 2015.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 16 Mar 2015

In the spotlight: 2015's Wedding Cake Trends

It is the perfect centrepiece of your wedding reception, a towering masterpiece of edible proportions. Choosing your cake is one of the best parts about getting married. Chocolate or Lemon? Fruitcake or Sponge? Perhaps it's best to try them all before you make a decision.

This year, some of the biggest wedding cake trends are:

Naked Sponge

Angelina Jolie can take the credit for this unlikely trend. When she married Brad Pitt last year, they commissioned their son Pax to make their wedding cake. He produced a charming tiered sponge confection with a simple buttercream filling and no icing.

Couple this influence alongside the nation's obsession Angelina Jolie can take the credit for this unlikely trend. When she married The Great British Bake Off, and it is clear that the look has caught on. 'Naked' sponge cakes are trending this year. Make sure your sponge is baked to perfection before decorating with a mere dusting of icing sugar and some fresh berries.

naked cake wedding cake

Hand painted icing

Modern technology means that we can decorate wedding cakes with laser printed images and designs for an exotic and artistic look - but there is nothing more special than a hand painted, bespoke decoration. Ask a local artist to come up with a design, or even visit your local tattoo parlour for a few interesting stencils. The actual painting can be completed by your cake decorator or a trusted artist, just make sure they are using edible dye!

hand painted icing wedding cake

Metallic décor

The metallic trend is set to be huge for 2015. Think silver panelling on wedding dresses, copper centrepieces and, yes, metallic cakes. Edible gold is cheaper than you'd think, and has a pleasantly crinkled effect when pressed onto buttercream icing. Alternatively, you can cheat the look by investing in a stunning metallic cake plate or using metallic ribbon to decorate your sponge.

metallic decor wedding cake


DIY chic

Rustic weddings have been popular for a while now, but the latest trend is for DIY chic, simple cakes with edible bunting draped around the sides, or mini flags positioned at the top. Once you have the basics (a delicious sponge and expertly applied icing), you can be as creative as you like.

diy chic wedding cake


Why have cake when you can have a towering mound of cream-filled puff pastries, held in place with caramel and decorated with spun sugar and fresh flowers? Croquembouche has been a popular in France for many years as an alternative to wedding cake, and the trend has been slowly making its way across the channel. It's a definite showstopper.

croquembouche wedding cake

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