Top 10 Tips For Creating A Perfect Wedding Gift List.

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Top 10 Tips For Creating A Perfect Wedding Gift List.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 13 Mar 2015

1. Register with a gift list at least six months before your wedding day. Gift list services usually only have a certain number of clients at any given time. Leave organising this until later, and there may not be availability. It is also advisable to give your guests ample time to consider their selections and make a purchase.

2. Make sure the gift list service you are registering with offers a personal, expert service. Is there someone from the service who can advise you and your guests on the different gift options?

3. Try out the gift list prior to committing. Is the process of selecting and purchasing a gift pretty comprehensive? Ideally visuals should be made available online so that people can see images of the gifts they wish to buy, in advance.

Your Gift Selections

4. You may have accumulated many household basics long before any wedding plans, so sit down with your partner and note down what you already have between you. Be very methodical: start with the basics - what do you have? What could supplement what you already have?

5. Consider crockery/cutlery - perhaps you have a mishmash of items between you, and this would be a fantastic opportunity to get some gorgeous sets in a theme of your choice?

top 10 tips for wedding gifts

6. Household items - think about the size of the items you have. Are they easily stored in your home? If you are planning on moving home, think about the storage in your new home. Perhaps a more compatible Hoover would be the perfect gift?

7. Linens- this could be a lovely opportunity to get some fresh tableware, towelling or bedding that you and your partner can choose together.

Consider unusual gifts

8. Make sure you add in some hobby gifts after you've covered the basics: perhaps you enjoy the outdoor life? Some garden furniture or a BBQ could be a perfect gift?

9. Perhaps you love relaxing with a game? You could add a luxury edition of your favourite board game or a beautifully crafted chess set. These are keepsakes that you would not necessarily purchase yourself, but guests will love these personal options, knowing that their gift to you will be treasured.


10. Ensure that your list contains a variety of gifts to suit all budgets. Doing so will ensure that everyone who wishes to give you a wedding gift can purchase one.