Tips On Choosing A Wedding Florist.

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Tips On Choosing A Wedding Florist.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 09 Dec 2014

Flowers can transform a venue, creating a real sense of occasion on your wedding day. Here's our step-by-step guide to choosing a florist and making a decision on blooms that suit you perfectly.

Where to start

When it comes to blooms for your wedding, it is best to firstly consider what type of flower arrangements you like. Are you fond of traditional floral arrangements such as vintage style urns? Do you like the look of select numbers of wild flowers arranged in mini vases? Or are you fond of highly structured, contemporary installations such as white orchids? What are your favourite types of flowers? Are there any that you buy for your home that you'd like to incorporate into your wedding designs? Do you like simple blooms or displays that are elaborate and provide the focal point in a room? Whatever visual impact you're going for, it's important to choose flowers that fit the style of your wedding. Do your proposed flowers fit with your dress, venue, theme and the time of year of your wedding?

How to find a wedding florist

Attended any weddings recently? Ask your friends for their florist recommendations. Look online at blogs where real weddings are featured. If you like the look of some of the floral designs in a featured wedding, the suppliers are usually clearly credited. For further inspiration, create a mood board online with Pinterest. The modern day online scrapbook allows you to create unlimited boards that serve as 'look-books' of favourites.

The Initial Meeting

When you book an initial meeting with a wedding florist, request a look at their wedding portfolios to get a clear idea of their general style. If you've created a mood board, show it to your florist at this initial meeting so that they can get a clear idea of your intentions and visualise how your wedding blooms will need to blend in with your designs.

Have a clear sense of your budget before you go to meet a wedding florist; it'll be one of the first questions you'll get asked. Flowers are expensive. As a rule, invest up to 10% of your total wedding budget on floristry.


To assist your florist, consider before meeting them how many bouquets and button holes you'll need on the day, plus how many reception tables you'll require centerpieces for. This will enable the florist to accurately compile a quote and consider what else they can offer you within your budget. It's worth considering that ceremony flowers are often only seen for an hour during your wedding day, so it's advisable to invest more in floral displays that will be seen at your wedding reception, as they'll be appreciated for a lot longer.

Key questions to ask: Does your florist know your wedding venue? If not, will they visit it with you in the lead up to your wedding? Will your wedding be the only one that your florist is doing on the day? Are they going to be the key contact throughout the wedding planning process and also the person who is going to directly manage the creation and delivery of flowers on your wedding day?

Avoid shocks with hidden extra costs too; make sure you ask your florist if their quote includes delivery, collection and VAT. Check that the hire of urns, planters, pedestals and vases is included in the cost. Ensure that your estimate specifies an exact list of what you will be receiving on the day. Beware of quotes that do not go into detail about the sizes, quantities and types of flowers you'll be receiving.

Location, Location

If you're getting married in Somerset and your chosen florist is based in London, expect a hefty premium on their services. If budget is a consideration, it's advisable to use the services of a florist who is local to the location of your wedding. The same goes for your choices of blooms too; those that need importing from overseas will incur a premium. Top tip? Assuming they can create your desired style of flower displays, stick to local florists and in season blooms for the best deals on your wedding flowers.