Tips For Picking Your Perfect Wedding Dress.

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Tips For Picking Your Perfect Wedding Dress.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 09 Dec 2014

Now that you've said 'yes', it's time to find the one.

No, we don't mean trading your fiance in for a better model; it's time to slip some (suitable) shoes on and make the ultimate commitment prior to your marriage: finding a wedding dress that you love and sticking with it.

There are three types of wedding dress:

Couture, Made to Measure and Off the Peg.

A Couture wedding dress will be made exclusively for you by a designer and to your exact measurements.

Made to measure dresses are cut from the nearest pattern size to your measurements and will then be altered to fit you.

Off the Peg wedding dresses are the ones you see hanging in wedding dress shops, ready to purchase immediately. Alterations are made to them post purchase to ensure that they are as close a fit as possible.

Start wedding dress shopping 9-12 months before your wedding. It's essential that you allow a long lead-time on this as due to extreme demand they take a long time to materialise (excuse the pun).

The finer details

Ring ahead and book an appointment, if necessary. Due to popularity and their need to provide patrons with highly attentive service, turning up and simply browsing with the intention to have a casual 'try on' is not an option at many wedding dress shops.

Spare your blushes and wear appropriate underwear. An ill-fitting bra spells complete disaster to a dress fitting experience. So does 'barely there' underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. You'll require assistance to get in and out of wedding dresses. Feeling naked apart from some pop socks is not going to enhance your confidence in any way.

It's best not to start your married life by having to hide your credit card bills from your new husband. Blowing the budget on a wedding dress purchase is a common (and disastrous) theme. Girls tend to go overboard in this area of wedding planning; maybe because it's the one area that they're left footloose and fancy free to do all on their own.

Don't do dress shopping solo. Always get a second opinion. This will ideally be from someone who is near and dear to you but also brutally honest. You'll appreciate it when your wedding photos don't tell the 'back fat' story. Trust us.

picking your perfect wedding dress

Take your time. If you're feeling pressurized in a wedding dress shop to make a decision, then that particular boutique isn't right for you. Return to 'the one' for a second viewing of your dress before committing. It's a big choice to make and one that you've got to be 100% happy with in the lead up to your big day.

Do things in the right order. Don't choose shoes and a headpiece before you've chosen your dress; it dictates everything, from how your hair will be styled through to the earrings/necklace combination that you're going for.

When you've decided on your gown, purchase the shoes for your wedding day. Return to a fitting wearing them so that you're able to have the length of your dress finalized entirely accurately.

Treat your final fitting like a literal dress rehearsal. If possible, have your hair styled how it will be on your wedding day (if you're super organised, book your hair trial to take place just before you go to the dress appointment!) and try on your gown with all the right underwear and accessories to complete the look.

After your wedding, get your dress professionally cleaned before the six-week mark. Stains oxidise over time and become very difficult to remove.