Should I Have An Unplugged Wedding?

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Should I Have An Unplugged Wedding?
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 29 Sep 2015

Just enjoy the moment. Ever heard those words before. We've turned into a society that no longer enjoys the moment. Instead, we're trying to capture every moment through our cameras or even worse our phone cameras, missing out on what's right in front of us. 'The Moment'.

Should you have an unplugged wedding is the question. A wedding where the wedding photographer gets to shoot with freedom, without uncle Arthur getting in the way or blinding flashes ruining a perfect exposure and moment. After all, a wedding photographer will shoot over 500 images, he's a professional, that's what they're there to do, can't your guests just enjoy those moments instead of possibly spoiling them. We now know countless wedding photographers that insert a clause into their contracts, stating they are not responsible for any shots missed due to guest interference. Yes, it's come to that. You may be paying thousands of pounds for a professional wedding photographer to be present on your day, do you really need additional friends and family shots. If you can't afford a wedding photographer, this is obviously a great option, pooling all the shots from the day to complete your perfect wedding album and capturing those memories that might otherwise be missed.

It is of course up to you if you would like an unplugged wedding but here at WPS we would recommend it. Especially for those key moments, from the time you leave the wedding car to the moment you arrive at the alter.

Asking For An Unplugged Wedding

You can ask for an unplugged wedding at various points, starting with the wedding invitations that you send out and then gentle reminders on and throughout the day. The best man can politely ask guests upon arrival or you can create a polite and quirky sign outside the reception location. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. It is your wedding remember and you've probably paid a pretty price for it. You can never get these moments back and your professional wedding photographer is there to do that very job; Capturing those special moments, so you and your guests can enjoy them as they happen on the day.

Don't confuse an unplugged wedding with a phone free wedding, your wedding guests can still hold on the their precious mobiles. Your guests wouldn't take a 5 minute phone call during the wedding ceremony so lets make taking pictures the same social taboo.

Take a look at these images by wedding photographer Corey Ann, they may change your mind about having an unplugged wedding. Corey is an international award-winning photographer based in Northeast Ohio. Now, it's not that Corey doesn't know what she is doing, she is a very accomplished wedding photographer, these images are the direct result of uncle Arthur and Auntie Jessie being a little over enthusiastic with a newly purchased DSLR and gigantic flash gun powered by the sun (it certainly looks that way).

should I have an unplugged wedding 1

should I have an unplugged wedding 2

should I have an unplugged wedding 3

There is all this talk of the latest wedding trends. Vintage weddings, trash the dress, alternative weddings, engagement shoots. Let an unplugged wedding be the next trend that you decide to follow Ensuring a happy and Uncle Arthur free day.

Remember. It's your day. So do what you like, don't say we didn't warn you though :-)