How To Make The Perfect Wedding Day Speech.

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How To Make The Perfect Wedding Day Speech.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 13 Jan 2015

how to make the perfect wedding day speech

The perfect wedding speech has one top priority; it should cover the customary vital elements that tradition dictates.

Each member of the bridal party has an essential 'checklist' they should adhere to; Debrett's provide a comprehensive online guide. If it's the groom's public speaking under focus, he needs to be making sure he's delivering a speech that compliments his bride. He must then go on to highlight aspects of the wedding day that have been particularly enjoyed by the happy couple. The groom must proceed to thank both sets of parents, friends and anyone else who has contributed to the wedding.

The groom's speech is an opportunity to present gifts to the best man, bridesmaids, his new mother-in-law and his own mother. His speech should conclude with thanking and toasting the bridesmaids. A groom who has got those elements covered can relax and know he's delivered the essentials!

make the perfect wedding day speech

If you're delivering a wedding speech, it's vital to know your audience. Appreciate the age range you'll be addressing on the day. Risqué 'pub-appropriate banter' (esteemed by your friends' ears only) is unlikely to appeal to elderly members of the wedding party.

Do your research. Stay mindful of any awkward family politics and avoid stories and jokes that could be considered insensitive or, at worst, offensive. Make sure that any anecdotes have a clearly discernable meaning. Even if your speech contains 'in-jokes', they need to be accessible - on one level at least, by everyone in the room.

Speak at a snail's pace! It's advisable to speak twice as slowly when addressing an audience. It really helps the clarity of your speech and enhances everyones enjoyment.
Take a deep breath and speak slowly. If possible, use technology to record yourself running through your speech beforehand. It's a handy way to evaluate its length and suitable content.

If you can, hire a microphone and amp speaker to enhance the delivery of your speech. It's a great investment; acoustics vary at venues and the wedding party will feel disappointed if they can't hear you.

Know where your speech is scheduled on the day; pace yourself accordingly until you've safely delivered it. If you're in charge of timings, schedule your speech wherever if feels most appropriate and comfortable. If you envisage feeling nervous, plan to deliver your speech early in the proceedings. It will allow you to enjoy the fun elements of the big day knowing that you've got the job done!

the perfect wedding day speech

Finally, be yourself when you make a speech. Unless you're extremely witty and/or a hopeless romantic, don't try and conform to those kind of speeches on the day! Observe traditional etiquette, then stick to the points you want to make, delivering them in your own style. Oh, and avoid the Internet for content inspiration (especially one-liners); everyone can spot a 'Googled' speech a mile off!