How to deal with wedding day nerves, 10 top tips..

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How to deal with wedding day nerves, 10 top tips..
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 08 Jan 2015

how to deal with wedding day nerves main image

1. Avoid chaos; it breeds big day nerves. Plan a few hours of relaxed preparation before your wedding ceremony. Keeping things simple is a good way to deal with that butterflies-in-your-stomach energy. Select your nearest and dearest for company, stick on some favourite music and rid yourself of the pressures of a hectic environment!

2. Keep your mind and body healthy. Wedding planning can leave couples feeling run down in the lead up to the big day. Practice Yoga, Pilates, or take up light running. As a complimentary therapy, Acupuncture can be beneficial in relieving stress that you might be feeling. Indulge in a bit of regular 'me time'; it helps you stay focused on the enjoyment ahead.

3. Delegate. It's your wedding but that doesn't mean that you have to personally shoulder every administrative task involved. Planning a wedding day can feel very daunting; take the pressure off by relinquishing a little control so that you don't feel completely responsible for every organisational element. Trust reliable family members and friends to take care of certain wedding day logistics; it will help to combat nerves in the final weeks.

4. A problem shared is a problem halved. You've heard the saying, and it definitely applies to weddings. Don't bottle up your nerves, share your fears and concerns; it diffuses stress. If your family and friends are made aware of what you're feeling they will be in a far better place to support you through your worries.

5. Keep things in perspective. You're getting married! As long as that takes place, what else truly matters?! Assuming you haven't got crazy friends, none of your guests are going to be circulating with a clipboard, marking your wedding day as it unfolds. Unless something highly disastrous occurs (which wedding insurance should cover), no one is going to notice a slight change in your marriage master plan. Consider the bigger picture as the nerves kick in. Write a list, if necessary. Visual reminders can be a great help in calming nerves.

how to deal with wedding day nerves main image

6. Nerves kill joy. If you approach your wedding day with negative thoughts then you're limiting the chance of it actually being a real success. Adopt the right frame of mind; positively visualise your dream wedding and it's far more likely to play out as you'd hoped. Breathe slowly, keep smiling and anticipate your best day ever!

7. Avoid a drink (and refuse any offers of tranquilisers from well-meaning friends). Drink tends to hinder the 'getting ready' process; it potentially jeapordises realistic timescales and/or clarity of thought. Drink also heavily increases the potential for dress/suit disasters. There have been some hellish stories involving brides, rum and white satin. Don't join that history book on your wedding day.

8. Plan the public speaking elements of your day well in advance. Rehearse your vows (including your full names!) so that you're really confident on pronunciation and delivery.

9. If you're going to be making a speech, keep mindful of speed. Nerves are a real time stealer; they can either make you utter words super fast (so that no guests can hear them) or cause people to go off topic and talk about a lot of unplanned things for a long time!

10. Even if you've not felt them at all in the run-up, nerves can make an appearance on your wedding day. It's good to be prepared for those feelings and able to convert the adrenaline positively. Try to be at ease surrounded by your guests; remember you aren't selling something at a business conference or appearing on the Question Time panel. Relax and savour every moment; your wedding is a celebration of love and the excuse for a great party!