Five steps to avoid pre-wedding stress.

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Five steps to avoid pre-wedding stress.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 14 Nov 2014

1.Delegate! Those 130 napkins that need sculpting into swans aren't going to fold themselves. Remember your aunt? The one who loves origami and keeps offering to assist you with your wedding planning? Utilise her skills immediately. Enlisting the help of reliable and willing members of your wedding party is a great idea. There is nothing nice about staying up until 3am sorting last minute 'wedmin' the night before you make your vows.

2.Don't fall foul of family politics. The union of two families is normally regarded as a joyous occasion. The reality of the scenario can also present a great deal of stress. The golden rule: resolutely stick together and avoid conflict during the planning process by setting clear boundaries early on. Gratefully accept offers of financial assistance, whilst respectfully making it clear from the outset that you are accepting gifts on the basis that there are no strings attached. Guests at your marriage should be the people who mean the most to you. Many couples nowadays fund a significant portion of their wedding themselves. Whether or not your parents are contributing to the cost, they are not entitled to commandeer your guest list or make planning decisions that are in conflict with your own. Your marriage shouldn't be an opportunity to host a party for their friends! That said, be sensitive with your guest list selections; overlooking a close family member can cause controversy that your parents could well do without.

3.Keep your budget in check. Your wedding is a considerable financial commitment. Avoid nasty surprises by making a list of everything that will need to be paid and build in a contingency cost of 5-10% of your total budget. Do your supplier research, decide on your priorities and be strict with yourself! Remember: what you lack in funds you can make up in effort and creativity.

4.Keep friends as guests only. Hire professionals to undertake supplier roles. For example, the photographer for your wedding should most definitely be a professional! What's the only thing more expensive than hiring a professional? Hiring an amateur. You get what you pay for. A friend should feature on your guest list only; not as a supplier. Professionals are bound by contract and keen to uphold their fine reputations. Casual agreements can often backfire, especially when services are delivered sub-standard. Asking a friend to act as a supplier for your wedding has the potential to be the ultimate friendship destroyer.

5.Maintain perspective. Remember what your union as a couple truly represents; don't let the planning process become so huge that it overshadows the meaning of your wedding day. Barring large-scale (insurable and highly unlikely) disasters, remember that small hitches on your wedding day are quite literally invisible to everyone else. No one actually knows how you privately envisaged your wedding day to unfold; your guests certainly won't be evaluating on a check sheet your choice of buttonhole foliage!

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