Choosing the perfect wedding venue for you: 10 top tips to consider before booking..

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Choosing the perfect wedding venue for you: 10 top tips to consider before booking..
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 04 Dec 2014

1. Agree on a style & mood. Wedding venue options range from zoos to sport stadiums and city chic restaurants. The question is, how do you and your fiance visualise your perfect wedding day? It's important to agree on the style and mood of celebration before starting to venue hunt. You're then more likely to be drawn to venues that you think will compliment the style of wedding that you're planning.

2. Consider geography. If your ceremony is going to be at a separate location, it's advisable to choose a reception venue that isn't too inaccessible. Factor in costs for transporting your guests from the ceremony to your reception; depending on where you choose, provision may be necessary.

3. Do the maths. Visit venues that can accommodate the number of guests that you are planning to invite to your wedding. Think about how the day will evolve; will all your guests be present throughout your wedding day or will a number be invited to an evening reception only? Research public transport and parking amenities. Think about logistics; an evening guest could find it hard to locate a safari park situated in the depths of a country estate in the middle of winter.

4. Don't blow the budget. Visit venues that don't immediately outgrow your bank balance. Venue hire is one thing; you will need to consider catering, decoration and entertainment within your chosen venue, in addition to the many other areas of your wedding planning.

choosing the perfect wedding venue

5. Get calendar savvy. If possible, get in early. Many really popular wedding venues are booked up several years in advance. Are you set on a date or can you be flexible? If you've already confirmed your ceremony date, avoid getting your heart set on a venue that is already fully booked. If you're able to be flexible, consider a range of options and compare pricing during different seasons and on different weekdays so you're aware of the best deals.

6. What is your wedding entertainment plan? Can your venue comfortably accommodate all performers and guests together in the one room? Will it involve a 'reset' of the reception area? If so, where will your guests be moved in the interim? If you're concerned about the flow of your celebration being disrupted by having to move 9 formal dinner tables before your guests can access a dance floor area, you need to evaluate whether a particular venue is going to suit you.

7. Will you be sharing? Do you desire a venue where you have exclusive hire? Or are you anticipating being one of potentially numerous couples celebrating their big day under the roof of one venue.

8. Accommodation. Is it on site, or available locally? Will you want to stay at your chosen venue on your wedding night? Is there scope for your guests too? Where are your guests travelling from to attend your wedding? Will a significant number of them require accommodation at or near your chosen venue?

9. What are the catering options? Will you require a venue that can provide a separate bar area? Will your main celebration feature a sit down meal, or will a cocktail and canape reception, afternoon tea or buffet style meal be the order of your day? Is corkage chargeable? Can you bring your own bar? It's important to understand exactly what your venue can offer and how flexible they can be.

10. Are there any limitations? Stiletto heels, red wine and sound limiters that cut the disco dead are all show-stoppers that regularly feature in the list of regulations for certain venues. Are you restricted to use only suppliers that feature on their recommended list? This can be a no-go for couples if they have their hearts set on a particular florist or photographer. Establish early what time the party needs to end. If you are anticipating dancing until dawn, an 11pm finish time is likely to knock a venue off your 'suitable' list.