Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?

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Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 13 Mar 2015

Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?

Traditionally, a wedding gift list existed to help couples set up a home together. While gift lists do still commonly include household appliances, furniture, kitchenware and linens, etc. some couples will find that they have already accumulated many of these types of items throughout their courtship. What is best to do if you find yourself in this situation? Rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, this scenario is becoming increasingly common, and couples are often left wondering what household gifts they could include on their gift lists.

Perhaps you feel that if you were to go down this path, you would end up requesting and graciously accepting items for which you have no real need. If this is the case, explaining your domestic set-up to guests will help them appreciate why you have come to this decision. After all, no one wants to be buying a gift that isn't going to be very useful to its recipients.

A popular way of broaching the subject of money as a wedding gift, is in the form of a poem! A poem is very personal and shows that you and your partner have put time, effort & thought into your gift list.

Can I ask for money instead of gifts

Perhaps you and your partner share a passion for travel? Or, is there a particular experience you have both been discussing and planning?
Instead of just asking for money, it would be more thoughtful if you put together a list of 'bucket list items' that you wish you could indulge in during your honeymoon. This way, guests will know you have considered your selections carefully, and they will enjoy knowing that they have gifted you a particular experience.

Choosing this route enables you to write and thank each guest afterwards; detailing the memories from the particular experience they gifted you! A great tip if you're looking to make your 'money' gift list far more personal.

Perhaps you feel you have everything you need, and you have no use for extra cash. If this is so, consider asking your wedding guests to make a positive difference to a charity or cause that you support. Let your guests know where their charitable contributions will be going and provide a little explanation of how you came to choose the fund, plus what it means to you as a couple. This is both a logical and ethical approach to your gift list creation.

In many countries, the accepted way of asking for cash is to write "no boxed gifts". This is not common practice in UK, so if you choose this route, expect to have to reiterate what you mean, on request! Also, be prepared to receive household gifts that have been unpacked (from the more literal guests)!