Tips For Wedding Photographers Part IV

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Tips For Wedding Photographers Part IV
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 18 Aug 2015

Matt Stark.
There are two important things. An impressive portfolio and I like what I do and my clients notice that. I've made many mistakes, but every mistake makes you better and stronger.

Christian Schneider
Go your way and be full of love! Never walk alone but with friends. Do not search for a final destination! Use the little roads at the left and the right, even dead end ones. It doesn't matter if you're wrong! It will make you stronger and more self confident. fail fail fail, work work work!

Don Barrington Photography.
Making better art every time I shoot a wedding. Not having a base.

Capoferri Photography.
I'm not sure. I'm sure you have to love this job, I threw myself into this job without having done it as an assistant, I made many mistakes but I continue to improve.

Mauricio Alanis.
I might say that the key success for me has been following a few rules I established since day 1:
I must be amazed by each and every wedding as if it was my first one.
I must create in every wedding, at least 1 photo I have never shot before.
I must stop creating at least the worst picture I shot at each wedding.
For me, every wedding is grandiose. It's someones dream. I should be capable of seeing and capturing that dream.
I have made many mistakes. Hired incompetent people, taking too many assignments at the same time. Being a perfectionist at times and becoming slow as a consequence. I have learned from those mistakes and turned them into learning experiences.

Francesco Bognin.
I use a lot social networks and get to thousands of people without any cost and very fast. I also cooperate with many colleagues creating new contacts.

Chris Mann.
By being adaptable, concentrating on providing good customer service, and always trying to improve my skills. Mistakes: spending too much money on advertising that didn't work!

Jaakko Sorvisto.
I just focused on my own thing and tried to become better and better.

Jessica Petrie.
Oh lots of mistakes, and I'm still working at being successful everyday. All I can say is it's not easy, you have to be prepared to put in the hours and be very determined. Mistakes are natural and this is how we learn and grow. Just keep going and most importantly enjoy what you do!

Wayne Chinnock.
My wedding photography business is very referral driven. I want to work with great people that enjoy my creative work and I enjoy photographing them. I have the great pleasure of being referred by some great vendors and obviously some pretty awesome previous clients. I max out at twenty weddings per year so that I can stay focused with my other work as well.
My biggest mistake is that I wish I had worked with a studio early on to get a better idea of how to run my business. Being a very multi-topic photographer can be very daunting at times with all the different contracts, promotional campaigns and more. I've ended up self-teaching myself more than I probably should have.

Hanna Witte.
Trial and error. Networking with other people was really important for me to start with. It's not that easy to find out what kind of marketing strategies are really working for your business, it takes time.

Gabriele Lopez.
What I search for is storytelling, I'm not and I don't plan to be just a wedding photographer. I refuse this philosophy of intense bookings and double dates on the same day that I see around, not because I think I am better, but because I don't feel it fits to my way of being.

For the definition of success I like to have (a limited number of weddings in a deep way) I think that the human way is important. Today we have a lot of photographers and wedding pictures, many are similar to each other too. What you can't imitate are thoughts, what you see in a picture, what made you press the shutter button, what you're looking for, what thrills you. I'm work in an intimate way and the story is important, that gets built even by spending time together in a bar, having a dinner together, just learning about each other.

Pictures reflect this, I'm not into this full frame and 1.4 lens trend, I'm more interested in humans and their world, it is hard to explain. I try to think about what I would have liked for pictures of my wedding.

I search for something PERSONAL that I feel has a value.

Out there there are a lot of talented wedding photographers, but I keep looking at myself, doing just what I like and feel, even if it's totally out of usual editorial lines. I signed many contracts by people looking at my personal BW prints, without showing a wedding picture except what they already looked at on my website.
Another important thing is having always a good 2nd shooter close to you. Better investment than new cameras, for sure.

Luca Domenico Fumero.
I do not know if it is the nature of my 'success' but for sure I think my main goal should be to understand my clients, their ideas, their hopes.
I did, I do and I will make many many mistakes, it is the nature of the craftsman.
Overturning an old firefighters saying: a day without mistakes is a day not lived.

Marius Janse van Rensburg.
Through mistakes and lessons learnt. Biggest mistake is undercharging for your services.

Mon and Clark Photography.
We believe that the secret to success is in constant learning and development. A successful business can never stand still! With our wedding photography, we are always researching, trying new ideas for images and developing new techniques. With our business we constantly review our ways of working looking for ways to improve what we do.

And, yes. we've made a few mistakes along the way. Mistakes aren't all bad, though, they highlight the holes in your ways of working and provide opportunities to make things better!

Probably the biggest mistake we made was when we started out, we would say 'yes' to every job that came along. The resulting workload nearly crippled me and I didn't have a single day or evening off in 6 months, it almost put me off wedding photography for life! However, I'm pleased to say that we have now learned how to say a polite 'no' to some things and have much better control over our work load!