Tips For Wedding Photographers Part III

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Tips For Wedding Photographers Part III
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 12 Aug 2015

John Colson.
I'm not sure I would consider my business a 'success' at the moment I do make my living solely from wedding photography so I suppose it is successful in that way, however I have a long way to go before I can begin to think of my business as a success on any other level. As for mistakes, I'm sure I have made loads, but the one that really comes to mind is spending too much time looking at what others are doing and comparing myself to them. There are so many talented photographers out there and what with social media etc it is very easy to see others work which can at times be very disheartening. Anyone that truly cares about what they do will tell you it is very easy to see the flaws in your own work, which is then compounded when looking at the work of others. I don't do it so much now but it's still something that I need to work on more.

David Morgan.
Hard work, dedication, determination, taking great care of my clients always trying to be 100% myself

Moumou Photography.
We really don't know! We started as it was a passion and continued for the same reason. The success is the point between your passion and the bride and grooms desires.

Allister Freeman.
Mistakes have been made, mainly with marketing, the most important thing is to learn from these mistakes. Best: word of mouth. Worst: venue brochures.

Dan Ward Photography.
No real mistakes, but lots of things I would definitely do over others. I would recommend anyone working on their style as much as possible in the beginning. It's what makes you who you are and your work noticeable.

Sansom Photography.
We put too much faith in SEO 'experts' initially which proved a costly mistake. We both really believe that what has made our business a success is believing in what we do. Not trying to imitate others, instead shooting a wedding exactly how we want it to look and not trying to appeal to every single bride getting married.

Barbara Zanon.
Trying to be myself, I do not follow a style, I follow my emotions and what I see. I am really spontaneous, I think that the couple need to feel comfortable with me, and with my style. If this happens then I've been a success!

Artomedes Photography.
It takes time to get into your own groove when you first start shooting, to find your creative 'self' and style so, for me, it was good to second shoot lots and learn the ropes with pros so you can experiment. Early on, I shot with a very traditional wedding photographer and whilst I learnt loads, I also learnt that wasn't my style at all and that experience really helped me to develop. Being 'me' and shooting what I love is key when I'm shooting a wedding – I don't try to be what I'm not. I provide a high level of service and get to know my couples, having a good connection and enjoying working together is key. I've networked well, got to know some fantastic photographers along the way that are great mates and mentors.

White Ribbons Photography.
The road to success is very long but I can't complain. I have been assisting other wedding photographers before starting my business and I've learned from their mistakes.

Jay Rowden.
I set out to try and create an upmarket niche in the market. I became fed up looking around and seeing the same boring cookie cutter approach to wedding photography. The more I looked around, the more I noticed that the market seemed to be flooded with mediocrity. So I thought I would have a go at trying something a bit different and did everything I could to avoid the cliches. I completely immersed myself in fashion and editorial photography and assisted a top fashion photographer in London called Elisabeth Hoff. In time I found my own wedding photography work began to take on an editorial style, highly influenced by the world of fashion and film.

I made mistakes in the early days by spending a small fortune on advertising. Advertising did not work for me. Waste of money. What took my business to the next level was word of mouth. Referrals are the cornerstone of my business.

Andrea Matone.
The business was a success in offering innovative wedding photography in a sector which needed change. The mistakes made along the way were many. The important thing is to be able to continuously change with change.

Cotton Candy Photography.
We spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of images we liked and the kind of images that we wanted to take, this in turn attracted like minded couples. We focus a lot on the couples and building up a good relationship between us all. It's important that they feel relaxed in front of us.

LunaCat Studio.
I focus on delivering creative and unique imagery for my clients, while always listening to what the bride and groom want and expect, building a wonderful and unique experience with me.
I think we always make mistakes but the important point is to learn from them and become better at what we do!

Benjamin Toms Photography.
Just being myself and taking great care of my clients.Money has been wasted on some of my marketing decisions.

I don't know if shooting 15 weddings per year is a success but I'm always trying to give my maximum to the couples who hire me. Always listening to their ideas or fears, or anything like this. I discuss a lot with them and they trust in me.

Dario Caruso.
Just always being passionate and trying to do the best on every shot of every wedding. The mistake I've sometimes made was not to show my work enough. For me the hardest part of the work is the commercial aspect.

Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography.
I really don't know if I'm successful or not. Maybe this is the key. You must learn by trial and error, the hard way, to see what works and what doesn't. This way, every year your results will become better and better. About mistakes, maybe, my fault is that I invested too much money in the equipment instead of training. I've taken the long path, the one that I learned by myself, but I believe that in this way you become a better wedding photographer.

I try to bring my personal vision of the wedding, I try to be myself. That's all.

Nicola Tonolini Photographer.
I studied a lot. I mean both photographic technique and marketing. Being an Italian photographer helps because my country has many famous photographers and a lot of beautiful places where couples, even from abroad, can celebrate their wedding day. I made mistakes in marketing and I surely will do wrong again. I think it is important to do always my best, to analyze mistakes and learn from them.