Marketing Tips For Wedding Photographers Tips Part I.

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Marketing Tips For Wedding Photographers Tips Part I.
Author : Wedding Photography Select
Article Date : 29 Jul 2015

Cromatica Photography
Work hard, keep studying, learn from others, never let your pride get in the way, be in a permanent and fierce competition with yourself, make no enemies, build trust, be patient and again, work hard.
Experience is crucial in this field. Experience means making mistakes and learning from them, of course. It hurts, but it helps. We’ve made lots of mistakes. The only one we really regret though is the fear of making mistakes, which kept us for a while in a comfortable but grey area.

Nicki Feltham.
I have stayed true to my style from the start. Timeless romantic shots and lots of fun candid photos of the guests all having fun and enjoying themselves. I take the time to get to know my couples and I'm always honest so couples know what they are getting. I never pretend to be something I'm not. I don't profess to get along with every couple I meet as I'm not everyone's cup of tea but when I click with a couple (s'cuse the pun) it's wonderful as I can then guarantee those lovely relaxed, natural shots that my brides and grooms essentially book me for.

James Davies.
So many mistakes I'm not sure where to start really, I could write a book! I initially did what many hobbyists trying to turn pro did, invested in advertising and web development etc, instead of focusing on learning the art of wedding photography. Ive now reversed this, my diary has filled this year with no marketing campaign.

Cristiano Ostinelli.
I always approach my work with extreme passion. I've also tried to find a unique style and create something special, every wedding is important to me and I believe my clients can see this from my photographs.

Neil W. Shaw Photography.
I guess by not jumping in head first. It has been a very gradual process that I've accumulated my experience and equipment, being patient and knowing that it's going to take years before you're fully up and running and confident with what you do.

Pippa Heath.
I still feel the business is developing and will continue to do so for many years. Word of mouth is huge, and you don't always have control over that but you do have control on getting out there and getting your name known. Wedding fairs have also been a great success for me too.

Any mistakes you made along the way? Nothing too catastrophic yet!

Jez Dickson.
Hard work. Boring but true, and following my gut instinct. Mistakes? Probably following my gut instinct too much!

Christo Nicolle.
I can honestly say the best piece of advice I can give is be true to yourself and your potential clients. What I mean by this is don't market yourself as anything other than who you are. Be clear and defined. Don't imitate. And don't 'buck the trends'. Create a want for your photography. It'll be like marmite, some people will dislike your work (and that's okay), but in contrast some people will LOVE your work and want to spend that little bit more to get YOU.

Joe Short.
I have never actually concluded I am successful as you are always trying to better yourself and set yourself new targets. But like any endeavor I think passion gets you through the tougher times and drives you on to be more successful. Mistakes I have made have thank goodness never been disastrous as I prepare well for a shoot. Hopefully any errors I make keep me wanting to improve!

Martino Buzzi.
I decided offer a different product, specially focused on quality of the images. Trash The Dress sessions are my favorites because they give me the opportunity to create really stunning pictures.
Never offer your work cheaper than it deserves.

Jacques Lloyd.
By being constant in my final product delivery and delivering super client service. Mistakes there was a few, but not learning the business side of matters as much as I put into growing my photography skills was my biggest mistake. Find the balance between that and you have a much better chance!

Hayley Rose.
I strongly believe that a combination of my style of photography and my personality has helped my business leaps and bounds. Creating natural shots that show the true personality of the bride and groom and their guests and creating a natural story of the wedding day in a style of photography that is completely timeless. I also think its important to take the time to meet with couples before they book to take time to get to know one another.

Milosz & Magdalena Wozaczynski.
That's really difficult to talk about it as this business is much more complicated then most people think. We've made a lot of mistakes. We believed that just our photography was good enough so we didn't need all that marketing tricks. That's not true. Nowadays the photography is 30% of our business and 70% marketing. We're talking about wedding photography and other forms of photography.

Alina Botica.
I still have a lots of work to do but I always make sure my clients feel comfortable with and around me and I always deliver the best I can and make sure they love it. Mistakes, the biggest one is not learning more about the business part mainly because I think choosing your wedding photographer it's a matter of heart.

Ian MacMichael.
Lots of mistakes, lots still to learn. My definition of success is not primarily a financial one. It is more personal I think. I believe we have succeeded when the couple have put their complete trust in us and we exceed their expectations when they see the final images. When a bride, and sometimes a groom, are moved to tears by our images then I consider that to be a success. I still have so much learning to do and it is that that motivates me to keep improving and to keep going forward.

Danny Woodstock.
By working hard & staying in touch with what people require and adapt, of course you make mistakes and still do! Not so much mistakes but would definitely do things differently now. You're never to old to learn new things and it's a natural progression.