A Bride's Speech - Why Leave it up to the Men?

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A Bride's Speech - Why Leave it up to the Men?
Author : Terence Joseph O'Loughlin
Article Date : 03 Sep 2014

A Brides Speech

We all know that one of the most eagerly awaited moments of any wedding reception is that of the speeches; heart-warming, emotional and of course one of the most nerve-wrecking parts of all, especially for the one making the speech, is to be able to raise a few laughs.

It is usually seen that the menfolk give all of these speeches with the groom, best man and father of the bride, all taking their time in the spotlight, amusing the party with tales of the happy couple during their earlier life together.

But we wonder why should it only be the men who get to convey how they feel to an attentive room of people? Perhaps it is about time that women made a stand and stood up for themselves, quite literally in front of all their guests in this case.

The best place to start when it comes to women making speeches at weddings is with the bride herself. After all, every eye in the house should be on her anyway. So why not take this opportunity to tell some jokes, give some thanks and make sure that every guest knows what a special part they have played in your big day.

Much like any speech the important thing to bear in mind is to make sure that it feels both fun and relaxed for you and for those who are listening. It is never a good idea to try to be off the cuff or adlib your speech as you may find that you slip up and make mistakes, so remember that practice makes perfect.

Now we know the basics of how to give a great speech we should look at why you might decide that your wedding needs some wise words from the woman in white.

There may also be a genuine reason that the bride may make a speech at her own wedding; perhaps the groom isn't comfortable with the idea of public speaking and so passes on the obligatory thanks to those who made the big day possible to his newly betrothed wife. Or maybe your own father has passed away and you feel it is a fitting tribute to make a speech dedicated to that important man in his absence.

Whatever the reason for you wanting to make a speech, the fact remains that it is your decision.Like so many other aspects of planning a wedding, it really is down to you and your fiance to think how you would like your big day to pan out.

Don't be afraid to shirk those age-old traditions and set some new ones of your own. Your big day is about embracing what makes you different as a couple so what better time is there tomake sure you do all those little things that you want to do! In fact, why stop at just the bride? Let the bridesmaids have a say in the matter or maybe invite the mother of the bride to the floor, after all, wasn't there a song that said "Sisters are doing it for themselves?!"