Wedding Photography Awards Judges

We've hand picked some amazing wedding photographers from around the world to be on our panel of permanent judges. These guys and gals are simply awesome.

Image By The Twins

The Twins

Caroline Briggs is one-half of The Twins - one of Rangefinder's Rising Stars of 2015. She works as a multi- media journalist and studied photography at Saint Martin's College, in London. Caroline draws on her journalistic background and a strong visual aesthetic in her wedding photography work.

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Both a celebrated wedding documentary photographer and photojournalist, multi-award winning (160 awards : WPJA POY 2008, Junebug Best of the Best 2011, Fearless Photographers Top 15 2011, 2012, 2015, WPS Photographers Top 10 2015) Franck is known for his ability to tell a story through his work. He divides his time between his daughter, his personal long-term projects, his destination weddings and “item”, the photography agency he co-founded in 2001 which is dedicated to concerned documentary photography. In his photographic approach, he feels close to the tradition of humanist photography. For his personal projects like for his weddings, he tries to tell stories with a highly personal vision, trying to have a lyrical and poetic strength in his images.

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Image By Susana Barberà

Susana Barberà

Susana Barbera is a female photographer from Spain. During last 3 years she has become an International reference in documentary wedding photography. Her committed and passionate work, creativity and mastery in the use of black and white and layering have earned her numerous international awards and took her to her other passion, teaching and sharing her philosophy of believing in Magic to let the Universe surprise you.

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Image By Barbara Zanon

Barbara Zanon

BARBARA ZANON is a professional photojournalist, portrait and wedding photographer, based in Venice. She is a member of ITALIAN PRESS ASSOCIATION, and she is a awarded member of international wedding associations, as JUNEBUG, WPJA, AGWPJA, ISPWP,and BOWP and WPS. She also is a winner of: IPA, PX3, RENAISSANCE Photography Award, Mifa. Barbara Zanon is also a GETTY IMAGES CONTRIBUTOR in the News and she published pictures on internationally known Italian and foreign NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES, as Time, Life, Newsweek, EL pais, Spiegel, Observer, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc.

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Image By Marius Barbulescu

Marius Barbulescu

I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I’m always trying to keep things simple. I appreciate sincerity in all its forms and I live my life making it an experience that will leave me with a smile on my face on the day that I die, even if this would happen in an hour or, hopefully, in 100 years. I’m a wedding photographer since 2008 and I’ve shot more then 150 weddings, mostly in Romania, but more and more internationally since 2012. I’ve won awards at Fearless Photographers (top 10 2014), ISPWP, WPS (top 3 in 2013 and 2014) and Mywed (finalist at both their contest in 2014 and 2015, 2nd on their top list now).

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Image By Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos, a very chilled out wedding photographer based in the UK. I like to keep thing quite simple. I’m creative and nosey, and I’m drawn to quirks and subtle detail. I like variety and I love to travel. Shooting weddings allows many of my needs to be met. I shoot weddings sticking closely to an appreciation of the basics. Gorgeous light, thoughtful compositions, heartfelt emotion, this is what keeps me pushing for more. Awards and accolades include Junebug Top 50 Wedding Photographs in the World 2014, Wedding Photography Select Excellence Awards, ISPWP International Awards, North East England Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013 & 2014, Junebug writer and contributor. My work has is also featured by Rangefinder Magazine, Junebug Weddings, Wedding Photography Select, Love My Dress, Fly Away Bride, Rock My Wedding.

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Image By Ariel Novak

Ariel Novak

Hi, I’m Ariel. I’m a wedding photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina I like to let the couples enjoy these magical moments of life without being too aware of the camera. Love stories through the lens should be romantic, full of emotion and totally free as they are in real life. Therefore, I don’t like to create the moments. I just let it flow and look to capture it from my perspective.

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Image By Sansom Photography

Sansom Photography

Listed as one of Rangefinder magazines 30 Rising Stars 2015, Chris and Verity Sansom are responsible for some of the most deliciously compelling and unconventional wedding photography around. Winners of WPS Excellence Awards, Junebug ‘Best of the Best’ Awards (Wedding 2015 and Engagement 2015) and ISPWP Awards. Chris and Verity produce intimate, artistic and real photos that bring out the best in the world around them.

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Image By Dave Paek

Dave Paek

Dave is a worldly guy who lives in New York City. When he's not travelling, he loves spending time with his family. He loves to cook ethnic dishes from around the world including dishes from India, Vietnam, Mexico, and even Russia. Dave also has a passion for photographing the most precious moments of your wedding day in a way that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. He's obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph; light (as well as shadows), composition, and emotion. As your wedding photographer, he will diligently capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless. To boot, he's won a few industry awards here and there and he's also had a few of his personal photographs featured in National Geographic.

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Image By Christelle Rall

Christelle Rall

Christelle has been shooting weddings for almost a decade and covered more than 500 weddings as the main shooter. Her style is creative, unique and innovative. Her images portray unscripted emotion that show the wedding day as it happens with all the in-between moments and memories. Her work speaks for itself with many international accolades, awards and publications. In the last year alone, she won 'Best wedding photographer" by Admired in Africa, ranked in the 'Top wedding photographers of the year - 2015" by Fearless Photographers (USA) and ranked in the Top 20 in the world by both the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) as well as Wedding Photography Select (UK).

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Image By Steven Rooney

Steven Rooney

Steven has been shooting weddings since 2005 and in that time developed an individual modern style that encompasses creativity, emotion and humour. He likes to challenge the norm and strives to be different. He has more WPS International Excellence Awards and Fearless Awards than any other photographer in the UK and was named in the SLR Lounge list of 150 Best International Wedding Photographers 2016. He sits proudly in a list of the Top 100 Fearless Photographers of all time.

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Image By Isabelle Hattink

Isabelle Hattink

Isabelle lives with her partner, daughter and dog in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She has been a photographer since 2001 after she obtained her degree in photographic design from the Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands. She has been shooting weddings for fifteen years and has shot more than 600 weddings. Isabelle photographs weddings with enthusiasm and passion to show a real life story. 'I love spontaneous, powerful and exuberant emotions. The moment in photography is the most important ingredient for a good picture. Isabelle enjoys teaching as well. FotoBelle has been rewarded with numerous accolades by esteemed photography associations like, WPJA, ISPWP, Fearless, Wedding Photography Select, Mywed, and more. In 2015 they were named One of the Top 20 Fearless Photographers in the World.

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