Wedding Videographer Showcase By Untitled Film Works Weddings. Aegean Sea, Santorini

More inspirational photography, this time in the form of videography by some of the finest wedding videographers in the industry. Untitled Film Works shares a selection of videos with us.

Bride & Groom : Roger + Elena
Location : Aegean Sea, Santorini
Wedding Date : 22nd July 2015
Website : Untitled Film Works  
Wedding Videography Presentation.
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When and why did you become a wedding Videographer?

I started my first business, Abraham Joffe Videographers in 2000. My current business, Untitled Film Works, has been in operation for the past five years. I’ve always been captivated by the power of the moving image, and knew from an early age that this would be my life’s calling.

Do you feel your business and the wedding videography business has changed in the last few years?

The world of videography has boomed in recent years due to the amazing video quality that is now achievable in DSLR video camera. DSLR's have become an amazing option to create very cinematic looking images. When coupled with all the other elements of movement, framing, lighting and skilled operators, the quality of video that can be produced is far superior to what was achievable a few years ago.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

My favourite part of the day to capture is always the ceremony. It’s a very special occasion as you can capture so many different types of pure emotion. From the grooms reaction as his bride walks down the aisle, her Father’s face as he gives his daughter away, and the love shown in the first kiss are a few of my favourite moments. The photoshoot is also a lot of fun as we’ve just finished the biggest part of the day and we can now get creative with our shots.

What is the greatest challenge being a wedding videographer?

The biggest challenge is being everywhere at once, while remaining discreet! Quality and creativity of shots is our highest priority so we must ensure we achieve that whilst maintaining the continuity required in videography!

What is your method for shooting a wedding/how do you remain discreet?

I absolutely love capturing the real emotion of a day and in particular, the candid interactions between the couple and their guests. I don’t choose to do extensive posing, and prefer instead to shoot what naturally occurs.

What eqiupment do you use on a typical wedding day?

We use the latest Canon Cinema SLR camera that allow us to shoot 4K video whilst still maintaining a compact form factor. This means we are able to set up and capture a scene in a very short amount of time. We pair these with L Series prime lenses to capture the best possible image. Our style is very cinematic so we also carry extensive support gear such as sliders, tripods, glide-cams and mono pods along with professional audio and lighting equipment to ensure every shoot is captured as best as possible.

What software do you use to edit and why?

At Untitled Film Works we use Edius and Premiere Pro. Both are very powerful programs.

Have you won any wedding awards or would you like to win any awards?

Untitled Film Works has been lucky enough to have been awarded 1st Place for Wedding Highlights in the AVPA (Australian Video Producers Association) Awards for the past 5 years. Every year is a great honor and one we are very proud of.

When you send the final cut to your clients, how do you feel at that precise time?

We always have our couples in for a premiere viewing of their Highlights film at our studio. I love seeing their faces light up as they relive their wedding day right there. It’s a wonderful moment.

Any advice for wedding videographers just starting their own business?

Film what you love and never stop shooting. Keep pushing yourself to be the best you can be.

Can you name other videographers that you respect, admire?


More Videos Can Be Found Here : Untitled Film Works  

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