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Bridal portrait by wedding photographer Barbara Ann

My name is Barbara Ann and I love being a wedding photographer.  I am always asked why I do what I do.  It’s pure and simple.  What other job do you get to witness love and happiness all day and then finish it off with a massive party.  I love meeting hundreds of people throughout the year and delivering couples joyous memories.  According to my husband I also love shoes too much.

I love to really connect with my couples before and on their wedding day. I feel this is necessary to get the level of trust I need to get those shots. On wedding days, I have some predetermined shots in my head but I make sure I don’t let them overtake my time or my head space. I just try and be hyper aware with everything that is going on and the people surrounding the couple. The couple in question from this shot were my perfect clients and gave me lots of freedom in terms of imagery. It was awesome to see them get so excited when I got excited over shots.

I got a lot of “safe” getting ready shots with this particular bride and because I had the time in the schedule, I wanted to do something out of the box. There was a side table next to the hotel bed and it had a glass top on it which I knew would be a perfect reflection. I wanted to add another level in the foreground so I grabbed two large candles that the bride brought with her. I normally do not tilt my images but it was a very tight fit getting behind the table so I tiled it to get rid of other distracting elements in the room. All I asked the bride to do was to go over by the drapes that were open slightly and to fix her dress.  It was a very tight fit behind the side table but I managed to squeeze in to get what I needed.  A good wedding photographer can squeeze in anywhere.  I squeezed in low on the ground at table height,  I wanted to bride to be flanked by the candles you can see in this shot.

Equipment & Details

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 1/160, 35 Prime Lens, f3.5.  In camera metering; 1 stop underexposed; exposed for the highlights of her dress.  I dodged and burned areas so that the bride was bright and the other areas were dark.

The couple loved it! I am very happy with it as well!  It was shot in Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario in the lovely home country of Canada

Barbara Ann

Wedding Photographer Ontario, Canada
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