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I am a wedding photographed based in sunny Cornwall, in the southwest of England. I like to capture weddings as they unfold naturally, without interfering, from a photojournalistic and creative perspective. Each and every wedding is totally unique, so that’s how I like to approach it – no recreating past photos or set poses, I am there to capture the story of a couple’s special day. I have the most romantic job in the world, and it makes me smile every day 🙂

This image was taken during bridal preparation at Polpier House in Mevagissey – a  unique wedding venue in South Cornwall. It was taken completely naturally, and unstaged. The bride was running about thirty minutes late for the ceremony. There was a lot of excitement, and some nervous energy and anticipation in the air. This was taken whilst she was having final touches done to her hair. I originally photographed the scene as a whole, but then trying to challenge myself to look beyond the obvious I saw the light beautifully illuminating her ring and lips, so using my 85mm lens I took several variations of this scene, whilst patiently waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment. I loved this one the most – I was really drawn to the ever so slight tension of anticipation in the bride’s hand, which would have been lost had I interfered, rather than observed.

I shot this image with a Nikon DF, 85mm lens, ISO 8000, f2.5, 1/250s, AV mode, Matrix Metering, and underexposed by about 1 stop to retain the highlights. The light in the image is coming from a window behind me to my right and behind the bride to the left. The hair stylist to my right is shading the left side of the bride’s face. There were incandescent lights on in the room earlier on in the day, but I switched these off, after asking if it’s ok with the hair and make-up artists first.

I knew this image had to be in B&W when I shot it. I processed it in Lightroom, there is a slight crop, and I used graduated and radial filters to dodge and burn and make the focus points stand out more. I finally used Photoshop for some selective sharpening.

I am very pleased it it, and the couple love it too : )

Wedding Photographer Cornwall Abi Neda Riley

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