Photo Of The Day: A Pagan Ceremony by Alexander Ziegler of Spree-Liebe Wedding Photography

Spree-Liebe Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Berlin
Castle Rapperswil, County Zurich, Switzerland
Spree-Liebe Wedding Photography

I was able to document this traditional celtic pagan wedding in Switzerland. One of the wedding rituals was to drink mead wine from a drinking horn. When I saw the bride holding the horn in her hands the only thing I visualized was her transforming to a beautiful bird. I know this sounds crazy but I always was a daydreamer. And that’s part of the way I see the world, in the eyes of a child.

This image was in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson a classic decisive moment fading away so fast. I needed to trust my gut and stayed really close.

I anticipated my position because I wanted her eyes and hands to be seen in the photo. In the end I was lucky that I got all the important elements, both of them holding the drinking horn and her left eye had a glimpse directly to the groom. I took this photo using a Canon 5D III with Sigma 35mm Art lens at f4 / ISO100 / 1/1600sec. I used multi-field metering and underexpose -1 to get more details out of the highlights (wedding dress / sky). Perfect exposure out of the cam is really important for me, even more after my decision to fully switch to Fuji and photograph JPG only. I used a simple and clean bw conversation with some slight tone adjustments.

I love the complex composition and strong storytelling. When I pushed the trigger button I immediately knew that I got not even a perfect image but also an image everyone will remember because it has such an unusual aesthetic in addition.


Wedding Photographer Berlin

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

A truly fascinating and magical image, expertly executed.

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