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Wedding Photographer France – Philippe Nieus – Photography Technique

Our ‘Photos Of The Day‘ are carefully selected images to help inspire you for your big day. Whether you’re a couple getting married or a wedding photographer shooting your next wedding.  We want to show you great wedding photographers and images that think outside the box.  Each image we share has a lovely story behind it, whether it’s the technical details behind each shot or how the photographer arrived at the creative decision to capture it in all its glory.  Here at WPS & the Select Bride we’re passionate about great images, great wedding photographers and inspiring you at every turn.

Wedding Photographer France Philippe Nieus
Wedding Photo Of The Day By Philippe Nieus France

This image was created during Julie and Mathieu’s wedding at the start of July 2014. The weather wasn’t great, there was a lot of cloud and very limited light.  The photo was taken at the start of the afternoon at a small reception organized by the bride’s parents, after the presentation of the bouquet, and before departing for the ceremony.

Having taking all the ‘basic’ photos, I started to wonder what I could do to help take something a little different. Three lamps on one of the tables caught my attention. I tried to frame the image with the 35mm, and decided that a shot of the couple from behind could give a good result.  I let the couple know that I wanted to get a picture just before they left, and asked their witness to hold the torch. We closed the curtains, and set up the shot, with the assistant lighting up the curtains with the torch.

In term of the post-production it was fairly simple, I increased the contrast and worked with the darker tones to get a nice warm feeling throughout the image.

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