Photo Of The Day: A Wonderfully Funny Wedding Confetti Shot

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Sarah and David were so much fun to photograph and their amazing personalities were so easy to capture. I really loved their wedding and I’m so glad that I get to see them again at the weddings they’ve recommended me for.

This was the wedding confetti moment as Sarah and David were coming out of the church. The area was a bit tight as there wasn’t much room between the church door, so all of the weding guests were fairly tight together.

The thing that makes the shot is David’s reaction to Sarah.  This is just who David is, he has loads of great facial expressions and reactions. Really, the secret to this shot is just finding awesome clients and photographing them as their awesome selves.

Wedding confetti moments can happen really fast, so it’s just about shooting through everything that’s happening there and taking a quick step if you need to get the framing right.

I shot this with a Nikon D4, 1/2000 sec ISO640 F1.4.  Lens Sigma Art 35 1.4.  No real difficulties, very straight forward post processing work only problem I had was spending the evening picking confetti out of my hair.

Sarah & David loved this shot, I love this shot and they also liked the rest of the wedding photos from the day.

Wedding Photographer London
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The Select Bride’s Thoughts
This image just speaks for itself.  The grooms facial expression pulls you in.  There is great context too, the bride in her dress and the confetti flying through the air.  The only thing left to know is what he was thinking at this very moment. A great image to look back on.

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