Planning Tips: Have You Shot At Our Wedding Venue Before?

There is undoubtedly one question that wedding photographers have heard over and over again…

Have you shot a wedding at our venue before?

We’d be interested to hear what the reply to that question is if the answer is ‘No!’.  How does a photographer put a couple at ease who are probably very anxious about everything, from flowers to food not to mention selecting the right wedding photographer for them.

wedding photographer Catalin Anghel
You’ll be jumping for joy when you find the perfect wedding photographer. Image By Catalin Anghel

So why do couples feel that this question really matters? Does it really matter?  A good wedding photographer can turn up on your day and shoot your wedding blindfolded.  Actually, that’s not entirely true, but a good wedding photographer doesn’t need to have shot a wedding at your wedding venue to create amazing pictures.  A good wedding photographer will probably turn up early on the day or before and scout your venue, looking at the light and the location and spotting any issues there might be and finding great spots to capture you in all your beauty.

Therefore don’t let the fact that a wedding photographer hasn’t shot at your venue before influence you – if you’ve shot at one venue, you’ve shot at them all.  A professional photographer is just that, professional.  They know what they’re doing, they know how to work a camera, they know what they need to do.  They know how to get the best out of possible bad situations.  They have experience, they can learn and move quickly on their feet.  As a saying I once heard goes:

Experience is what you get by not having it at the time

Ask yourself a questions.

  1. Is the wedding photographer the best photographer for the job and you?

There is a caveat to article, a disclaimer if you will –  everything you have just read applies to professional wedding photographers, a photographer who has shot multiple weddings will have no difficulties with this situation. You need photographer who takes his work and your wedding day seriously.

Wedding Photographer Spain
A good wedding photographer can get the best out of any location. Image By Johnny García.

We have heard many horror stories about people hiring photography students or their photography enthusiast cousin Bob to shoot their wedding, the results being disastrous. Granted this may sometimes work but we certainly wouldn’t risk it!

If you hire a professional wedding photographer with experience, whether they’ve shot at your wedding venue before is irrelevant.  Find the best wedding photographer that suits you.

Good Luck.

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