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Hello.  Everyone who reads this.  First thing first,  we want to thank everyone that submits images to the site, we are very grateful and without you WPS wouldn’t exist.  We’ve been doing the Excellence Awards for many years now, we really don’t get involved anymore. We let the judges do what they do, we literally do not know who wins the competition or who gets an award until we do 5 or 6 of our import steps, sometimes we get a little curious and we take a peek but that is very rare, maybe 1 out of every six collections of the year.  We’ve made many mistakes and we’ve made some terrible mistakes too, we try to rectify every mistake but we are only human and we get things wrong, we can’t please everyone, but we do try.  What we try to be is as honest as we can be and we do try our best.

What we’ve started to see, only recently, is a more documentary style of images being submitted. This isn’t any kind of tip on how to win an award, this is just an observation.  We love it. Having seen over the years lots of award winning images based on poses, great lighting and shots that a wedding photographer can control, it’s been nice to see a little bit of a shift. We have never considered ourselves experts in the field, we consider our wedding photographers experts in the field. Things change, styles shift, trends come and go. Documentary isn’t a trend, documentary is the way it happens, you can’t trend real moments, they just are. We personally don’t like trends, they come and they go, what we love to see is just great photography.  We just try to think about excellence. ‘The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

When we look at the wedding photos that win our awards all we can see are photographers that want to be the best in what they do, that could be carpentry, it could be creating a sculpture, no matter what they do they want to be the best, not better thean everyone else but the best of what they can be.


Mandelbrot Zoom


Darius + Naomi

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