5 Things To Remember When Planning A Vegan Wedding

Veganism is on the rise with many people now adopting a more conscious and cruelty-free lifestyle. This year Veganuary was a massive success with tens of thousands of people turning vegan for the month of January and subsequently deciding to adopt the change permanently. So if you are vegan and getting married we have put together the ultimate list of things to remember when planning a vegan wedding…


Wedding Photographer Netherlands, Arno de Bruijn



1. Food

Food is probably one of the first thing you have considered when planning your vegan wedding. The dilemma many vegans and vegetarians face is whether you should cater for meat eaters too on your big day. You may well feel pressurised to cater for everyone for fear of a backlash from your guests. On the popular parenting website Mumsnet one poster wrote…


This is everyone’s worst nightmare, right? We are a bit confused here about what these guests are actually frightened of!

The solution? Well you can either tell everyone on the invites to inform them that yours is a vegan wedding (and prepare yourself for the potential disappointment of some guests either moaning or even not coming), or you can take the approach of just not goddamn mentioning it. Here at The Select Bride we like to stress to our couples that this is YOUR day. If you want a vegan wedding then that is your absolute right. We have no doubt that you intend to serve up some incredible vegan dishes which will no doubt completely blow everyone’s minds. A quick google will reveal the vegan caterers in your area – book an appointment with some and decide which one is best for you.

Amazing plated vegan wedding food from Cashew Catering
Amazing plated vegan wedding food from Cashew Catering

It will undoubtedly be easier for you to hold your reception at a venue that allows you to arrange your own catering, as many standard caterers will not necessarily be very experienced with vegan cuisine. However if you have your heart set on a certain venue it is always worth having a frank discussion with them and certainly trying a tasting session if they feel they can offer you a completely vegan menu.

You can also find many independent cake makers who specialise in stunning vegan wedding cakes. Your guests simply won’t know the difference, and no doubt will be having such a good time that they won’t be worrying if the cake contains egg or dairy products.

2. Drink

Wedding Photographer France, Jeremy Fiori
Wedding Photographer France, Jeremy Fiori

We all love a good drink at a wedding but lots of people aren’t aware that many forms of alcohol contain animal products until they become vegan. Yes you heard that right – wine, beers and ciders and even some spirits can contain animal derived products such as albumin – derived from egg whites; casein – protein derived from milk; chitin – derived from the shells of crabs, lobsters, etc; gelatine – from bones and connective tissues of cows or pigs; isinglass – obtained from fish swim bladders – source The Vegetarian Society, 2013.

You will no doubt want to ensure that all alcohol served at your wedding is vegan. If you are supplying your own alcohol you can check if it is vegan by searching on Barnivore, and many supermarkets and wine suppliers now list the vegetarian status of their alcohols. Things can start getting tricky if you are dealing with venues who are perhaps not accustomed to dealing with vegan couples and only supply certain wines. In this situation you need to be very clear that  they must supply vegan only alcohol for your wedding for you to consider the venue.

3. Fashion & Beauty

Wedding Photographer Spain, Miguel Angel Muniesa
Wedding Photographer Spain, Miguel Angel Muniesa

You will need to find a hair and make up artists that solely uses vegan products – you’ll be pleased to know that they do exist. There are many vegan make up and hair ranges around nowadays, and you can even get ethically sourced accessories such as false eyelashes and make up brushes.

If you will be doing your own make up we particularly love the amazing range of vegan organic make up from Inika. Have a look at their stunning range and treat yourself to something special.

Wedding Photographer United Kingdom, Aaron Storry
Wedding Photographer United Kingdom, Aaron Storry

Many wedding dresses contain silk so make sure that yours is only made from vegan-friendly materials. This of course needs to extend to the groom’s costume and any bridesmaids, page boys and the best man. Ideally you will also try to source your clothing from sustainable sources while, of course, remembering to ditch the leather shoes!

4. Decorations, Flowers & Textiles

Wedding Photographer Italy, Luigi Rota
Wedding Photographer Italy, Luigi Rota

Many venues will use silk in the artificial flowers used to dress the space, so remember to inform them that this would not be appropriate for your wedding. You can’t beat real flowers so use them! The same goes for the use of feathers, wool or animal skins in any the decor and table linens.

5. Gifts & Favours

If you are providing your guests with a wedding gift list now is a good time to double check that all the items on there are vegan-friendly.

For favours have a look on Etsy for something a little different. How about some bars of delicious vegan chocolate or some cute vegan handmade soaps.

Gorgeous vegan soaps make lovely favours. Photo courtesy of Twa Birds Soaps, Etsy
Gorgeous vegan soaps make lovely favours. Photo courtesy of Twa Birds Soaps, Etsy


If you are planning a vegan wedding or have recently had one, let us know!

Naomi Hyman

Naomi has been the Editor of The Select Bride since 2015. She was formerly the Content Editor of Wedding Photography Select for the previous 5 years. She lives in Brighton with her partner and four energetic children. Her interests include cooking, midcentury design, minimalism, reading and enjoying quality time with her family.

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