Wedding Photographer Vermont, United States. Jacob Hannah shares a wedding photography technique.

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My wife, Megan, and I photograph weddings together, and we work as a team to document weddings in a photo journalistic style. The bride and groom had chosen to get married at the beautiful Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont for the gorgeous outdoor setting and scenic views. On this day, however, a storm almost moved the ceremony inside. As luck would have it, the storm passed just before the ceremony and everyone did an amazing job of quickly setting up for the ceremony outside again.

Megan had walked down to the ceremony location with the guys and was photographing guests arriving while I waited with the bride. Once they started walking I was photographing them straight on when I looked over to my right and saw the dark sky from the storm that had just passed. The sun was also just starting to come out, creating a beautiful warm light. I looked over to my left and noticed a puddle that had formed in a parking lot. I pretty much sprinted over to the puddle, crouched down a little to line up their reflection in the puddle and got a few quick frames off before they passed. I wasn't 100% sure that I had the shot until I had a chance to look at it after the wedding.

The main challenge was that I only had the idea moments before I took the photo so I really had to hustle to get in to place and take the photo before they walked by.

I wanted to show their reflection in the puddle and include the dark sky in the background to show that the storm had just passed minutes before.

The photo was shot on a 35mm lens at f4. I shoot everything in manual mode and had previously had set my exposure for them walking towards me. When I moved around to this angle I quickly dialed my shutter speed down a few clicks to really capture the dark clouds and the dramatic mood. When I got the photo into Lightroom it was still a bit overexposed so I pulled the exposure down about 2/3 of a stop. I also bumped up the contrast, but other than that, this shot didn't require a whole lot of editing. The couple loved the photo and I think it is a real storytelling image of their day.

Image By Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos

In 2007 I started my career in wedding photography. I am interested in all kinds of cultures, religions and countries I've had the opportunity to cover weddings in Japan, Mexico, C

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Image By Jamie Bott

Jamie Bott

I shot this image several years ago at the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in Bethnal Green,East London during the couples first dance using a Canon 5D MKII, a Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens

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Image By Shadab Wedding Photography

Shadab Wedding Photography

My name is Reza Shadab, I was born in 1974 in Tehran and have lived in Germany since 1999. My passion for photography is large and diverse. I shoot portraits, fashion and weddings

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