Wedding Photographer Madrid, Spain. Denis Cherim shares a wedding photography technique.

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Laura and Robert got married in Madrid. Back from their honeymoon they surprised us by asking us to make a 'pre-wedding' session. They had liked the experience of their wedding day and wanted a couple photo shoot in a natural environment. We hiked up a mountain, surrounded by trees and a small lake with a waterfall. It was a very beautiful place and a perfect setting for them. The session took place near Madrid, Spain.

We had not planned a 'water' session, but there we were, ready for adventure. I wanted the photo to be very special, we were going to get wet in a cold mountain river, so I wanted the results to be spot on for Laura and Robert and worth ever minute.

Despite not having the 'right' material I improvised as if I was a boy scout. The first person to get wet was my assistant, carrying an external flash with colored gels. Then came the couple and bravo! They brought out the models in them that they did not knew had there. Finally it was my turn. I went inside the waterfall with a simple umbrella that I had accidentally brought with us.

After several tests to find the best lighting and the perfect pose to transmit the complicity of L + R… we got it. The best photos are the result of unexpected challenges.

My assistant was standing a few meters behind the couple and I shot with the following details : PocketWizard PLUS II, CANON 430EX II, CANON 5D Mark II, 50mm ISO 200 F4,5 1/125s

This shoot is one of my favorites. The couple were really excited about the results and they printed the photo for their home. They actually left a lovely comment about this particular picture on my website:

'Really beautiful. Every drop of water, every branch, every leaf, posed perfectly with us to offer a great picture'

Image By Ali Gaudion Wedding Photographer

Ali Gaudion Wedding Photographer

I specialize in bringing to life, the couples' emotions for one another, the audience's love for the couple and the fun of the day, all as quietly and calmly as possible. Candid a

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Image By Fabio Mirulla

Fabio Mirulla

Hello, I am Fabio Mirulla. I was born in 1986 in a small village near Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Since I young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me,

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Image By Adina Dumitrescu

Adina Dumitrescu

I am a passionate wedding photographer who can't get enough of couples in love. Each wedding make me remember my own, and I want to give to my clients the same wonderful experience

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