Wedding Photographer Manchester, United Kingdom. David Stubbs shares a wedding photography technique.

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The photo was taken in the Castlefield area of Manchster in October 2014. The area is famous for it's cobbled streets, huge viaducts and quirky industrial spaces. It's quite common to see a photographer using the area for photo shoots. I had shot here a few times already, but only ever on engagement shoots, and this was my first time with a couple on their wedding day. They got married at Manchester Museum and then headed over to Castlefield Rooms wedding venue for their reception. The light was getting low as the nights were drawing in, so we went for a walk around the area. I wouldn't say I posed this photo, as I only asked the couple to walk over the bridge and stop somewhere at the top for a kiss and cuddle, then I just left them to it. Incorporating the viaducts and bridges at this location is a must, and quite easy to do, but I really wanted strong leading lines to give the photo more impact and draw the viewers eye to the couple. The sun setting behind them was a bonus, giving a lovely warm feel to the photo.

I'm a believer that editing is a big part of the creative process. In person, the scene did look warm, but with it being under several bridges the couple were so dark. So as to not blow the sky in the background out I had to shoot it very dark. I have posted the SOOC photo (Straight out of camera, see below), the image I took. As you can see it looks nothing like the final photo, but it does have the key elements in it. Using new cameras like the Nikon D810 or D4s which I use, there is a huge amount of information that can be recovered from the shadows. I knew this when I took it and was more than happy to shoot it as dark as I did. Of course I 'encouraged' the colours afterwards giving the photo a burst of colour, but that's just my style.

Nikon D810
Nikkor 16-35 f4 @16mm
ISO 200
1/320 sec
david stubbs wedding photography

Image By Mārcis Baltskars

Mārcis Baltskars

I originally have a background in economics. Ten years ago it did not even occur to me that one day I would be become a wedding photographer. Like everyone I knew after highschool

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Image By Fortunato Caracciolo

Fortunato Caracciolo

Often a lot of people ask me: 'Which is the best photo you've ever done'? My answer is always the same: 'the one I will take tomorrow'. I'm always looking for something

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Image By WE DO Photography & Design

WE DO Photography & Design

I like to finish every wedding reception with a long exposure of the venue at night. Typically cloudy, sometimes raining, but occasionally a beautifully clear and crisp night, star

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