International Wedding Photographers From Spain

Discover the best wedding photographers from Spain. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Vïctor Lax

Vïctor Lax

Drawing from 10 years of experience in photo-journalism, Victor has been documenting weddings for over five years. Lax has a distinctive artistic style that reveals spontaneous exp

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Image By Miguel Bolanos

Miguel Bolanos

I like photographs that are spontaneous, natural and fun. Weddings are not what they were, and photography has evolved into something different and mostly original. Wedding photogr

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Image By Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa

Mathew Sowa Photography in NYC is at the top of the ranks. His boutique style photography has caught the interest of not only couples looking for a local photographer, but people a

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Image By Gerardo Ojeda Photography

Gerardo Ojeda Photography

-Would define my style as documentary photography, with a vision to care much light and frames with artistic touches. -Mi estilo se definiría como fotografía documental,

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Image By Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez

I have a discreet approach capturing precious moments, I love to always include Fine Art and I’m motivated to seek and capture timeless memories.

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Image By Miguel Angel Muniesa

Miguel Angel Muniesa

Somos conscientes de la importancia de un día tan especial en vuestras vidas como es el día de vuestra boda, por ello no perdemos detalle de los momentos especiales. Plasmamo

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Image By Rocio Vega

Rocio Vega

I am defined better by my images than my words. What does photography means for me? It it is quite everything. Constant things happen around us, unforgettable moments are guard in

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Image By Sagrado Studios

Sagrado Studios

Modern, Fresh & Fun. We are Wedding Photographers based in Alicante (Spain). We love our work! Let us tell your history!

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Image By Casian Podarelu

Casian Podarelu

I love working as a photographer shooting weddings, meeting different people. I consider myself very lucky to be able to capture one of the most important occasions in a family\/s

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Image By Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz

At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... My job is to document unique moments and narrate wedding stories. Every couple tells a different o

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Sabemos de la importancia que tiene para vosotros ese día, y por ello, dedicamos toda nuestra atención en ofreceros un trabajo de gran calidad, en sorprenderos y no conformarnos

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Image By Oier Aso (ARTEFOTO)


Oier Aso is an award-winning destination wedding photographer based in the north of Spain but working worldwide. He have been creating amazing photos since 2010 when he opened AR

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Image By Carlos Santanatalia

Carlos Santanatalia

Hi, my name is Carlos. I\/m passionate about wedding photography and I decided to give up everything for a dream, a dream of having your beautiful love story with photos.

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Image By David Almajano Maestro

David Almajano Maestro

David loves photography since childhood, thanks to his grandfather, photographer. Drawing from 6 years of experience in photo-journalism, David has been documenting weddings. He lo

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Image By Rafa Martell

Rafa Martell

Moments that will never be lost. With great knowledge of photographic technique and composition based on different workshops with photographers worldwide wellknown. I am confident

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Image By Jorge Davo Siguenza

Jorge Davo Siguenza

Based in Spain, i am wedding photographer for 5 years. We want to capture these magic moments in the most beautiful way.

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Image By Miguel Onieva

Miguel Onieva

Wedding storyteller with a natural and emotional style are looking for intrepid couples that will celebrate their wedding anywhere around the world and likes a different photograph

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Image By Marc Prades

Marc Prades

Photographer based in Spain. Inspired me the emotions that happen during the wedding, the couples and all that happen. Landscapes is one of my favourites places to photography,

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Image By Mile Vidic Gutierrez

Mile Vidic Gutierrez

Es difícil hacer entender a las personas con las que trabajo cuanto amo hacer lo que hago. Esto que digo me sale del alma, lo prometo. No intento venderte mis sercvicios ahora mis

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Image By Salva Lluch

Salva Lluch

Hola! Mi nombre es Salva Lluch. Amo la fotografía de bodas, y amo las bonitas historias de amor. Mi estilo fotográfico se basa en contar lo que sucede sin intervenir. De esta for

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Image By David Anton

David Anton

Each wedding is unique, and it is my joy to discover this special aesthetics and then giving it my own artistic touch.... however always with your wishes and expectations in mind.

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Image By Emilio Almonacil

Emilio Almonacil

Hola, resido en Valencia y viajo a cualquier parte del mundo para documentar cada historía a través de mis fotografías. Me considero un fotógrafo documental y creativo que le

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Image By Jiri Horak

Jiri Horak

Discreet and involved I am a storyteller. Based in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, I tell with emotions and authenticity your history.

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Image By Eduardo Blanco

Eduardo Blanco

I introduce myself as an enthusiast I love my work... and I really enjoy telling stories with my camera

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Image By Carol Minguillón

Carol Minguillón

In Flare Project we are a few lovers of the nice things, of the simple thing, of the weddings handmade and of the pairs who transmit with a look the feelings. We delight the weddin

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Image By Basilio Dovgun

Basilio Dovgun

Hi. Our name is Basilio y Lusia. We like photographs that are natural, spontaneous, fun and slightly posed. Photography is our great love and passion, my personality, my way of s

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Image By Laura Arroyo

Laura Arroyo

Laura is a photo-journalism based in Spain and love to documentary weddings. Her photos are natural and fresh without poses and capture all the feelings in your day.

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Hy ! I am Cinderella, im from the Netherlands, But live in France, speak 3 languages, and move a lot in France and also other countries. I’m full of passion and energy, and l

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Image By Jordi Tudela

Jordi Tudela

Hello. My name is Jordi Tudela, although if I’m honest Tudela is my wife’s surname. She is my better half and I thought that using her surname would be an excellent token of my

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Image By Inma del Valle

Inma del Valle

Mi nombre es Inma del Valle y me especializo en la fotografía Art Boda. Para que tengáis alguna referencia sobre mí…He expuesto en la feria internacional de Munich “Munic

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Image By Franck PETIT

Franck PETIT

I am a French photographer based near Bordeaux in the south west. For me, life is better when we meet different people, cultures and countries. I love laughing and sharing beauti

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Image By Mónica García

Mónica García

I photograph with energy and passion, moments for a lifetime.

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Image By Angel Carretero

Angel Carretero

En Àngel Fotògraf no entendemos la fotografía sin la pasión, sin las emociones, por eso vamos en busca de ellas con la mejor de nuestras sonrisas y nuestra mayor ilusio

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Image By David Bignolet

David Bignolet

David réalise plus d\/une trentaine de mariages par an, partout en Bretagne, il est plusieurs fois récompensé et obtient en 2015 et en 2017 le titre de Portraitiste de France da

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Image By Olivier BOLTE

Olivier BOLTE

I\/m a wedding photographer based in South of France. Natural, fun, emotional and powerful shots! Let\/s meet!

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Image By Ruzafa Photography

Ruzafa Photography

We love weddings and for them, we move to any place in the world. Specialized in weddings for more than 30 years we are a team of professionals who are passionate about our work.

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Image By Bris Lemant

Bris Lemant

I am a wedding photographer based in Tenerife and working all over the world. My passion brought me the opportunity to know fantastic people and shooting marvelous moments... I am

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Image By Francesco Brunello

Francesco Brunello

Today, maybe, I know exactly who I am. And I want to show it to you. I’d like to introduce you to the people I met, the stories I have painted, the ones I do not know yet and

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Mi visión de la fotografía de boda actualmente,es obtener imágenes naturales,creativas y espontáneas, que realmente transmitan todos esos momentos emotivos,divertidos... Imág

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Image By Nicola Tanzella

Nicola Tanzella

Our pictures to tell about your emotions... With a simple and graceful style we will follow all the steps of your wedding, from the preparation \/till the end of the party.

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Image By Camera Obscura Photo & Film

Camera Obscura Photo & Film

We are Yolanda & Guillem from Camera Obscura Photo & Film, photographer and videographer, we love to travel to tell stories. What we intend in Camera Obscura, is to take care of a

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Image By Dami Sáez

Dami Sáez

Creo que la verdadera fotografía de boda tiene que transmitir. "La personas olvidaran lo que dijiste y lo que hiciste, pero nunca olvidaran cómo las hiciste sentir" Maya Angeluo

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Image By Patrice Dorizon

Patrice Dorizon

I am a French photographer, creator of unique images. A touch of French fashion filled with emotions and romance. I travel France and the world to put my images and my know-how a

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Image By Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

Tomasz Budzynsky Fotosceny

I am a destination wedding photographer based in Poland but available worldwide. My work is my passion, with all positive energy. Let me capture your story - I will be pationate ab

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