International Wedding Photographers From Spain

Discover the best wedding photographers from Spain. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the trends. an artistic and photojournalist

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Franck is an award-winning destination wedding photographer specialized in documentary photography. He has won more than 120 international awards over the last 10 years and is regu

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Image By Maik Dobiey

Maik Dobiey

I offer modern reportage style wedding photography aiming to capture big and small moments, emotions and beauty on your wedding day.

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Image By Advertise Here

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Image By Artemis Fox

Artemis Fox

We have been together for 8 years and we are lucky enough to live and work together in Brighton. We both get excited about beautiful and creative things and we are passionate about

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Image By Pedro Cabrera

Pedro Cabrera

Throughout our lives we live unique and unrepeatable moments. We remember those great moments through pictures. So is our commitment to capture every look, every gesture, every smi

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Image By Vïctor Lax

Vïctor Lax

Drawing from 10 years of experience in photo-journalism, Victor has been documenting weddings for over five years. Lax has a distinctive artistic style that reveals spontaneous exp

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What about the naturalness and freshness of the authentic smiles? Why not shoot a tear or rob a kiss on the sly? For us it is an honor to be privileged to witness this special day

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Image By Miguel Angel Muniesa

Miguel Angel Muniesa

Somos conscientes de la importancia de un día tan especial en vuestras vidas como es el día de vuestra boda, por ello no perdemos detalle de los momentos especiales. Plasmamo

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Image By Vinny Labella

Vinny Labella

She enjoys pushing the boundaries and taking an open-minded approach to her design of fresh and exciting images for each couple. Above all, she loves challenging herself to push th

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Image By Alberto Sagrado Studios

Alberto Sagrado Studios

Modern, Fresh & Fun. We are Wedding Photographers based in Alicante (Spain). We love our work! Let us tell your history!

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Image By Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez

Catching unique moments and sharing the feelings of happiness with both of you from such a marvelous day. Memories that endure forever!

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Image By Johnny García

Johnny García

I can boast that I devote myself to what I like best: holding a camera and taking pictures. Photography is my passion, my personality, my way of seeing the world and with my family

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Image By Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez

I photographed with passion the most important moments of your life to remind them with the same excitement as the first day. That\/s our big goal.

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Image By Oier Aso (ARTEFOTO)


Oier Aso is an award-winning destination wedding photographer based in the north of Spain but working worldwide. He have been creating amazing photos since 2010 when he opened AR

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Image By Miguel Bolanos

Miguel Bolanos

I like photographs that are spontaneous, natural and fun. Weddings are not what they were, and photography has evolved into something different and mostly original. Wedding photogr

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Image By Gerardo Ojeda Photography

Gerardo Ojeda Photography

-Would define my style as documentary photography, with a vision to care much light and frames with artistic touches. -Mi estilo se definiría como fotografía documental,

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Image By Monika Zaldo

Monika Zaldo

International wedding photographer based in the Basque country (Spain). From advertising and corporate photography has specialized in the a wedding photography with a very persona

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Image By Carlos Santanatalia

Carlos Santanatalia

Hi, my name is Carlos. I\/m passionate about wedding photography and I decided to give up everything for a dream, a dream of having your beautiful love story with photos.

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Image By Agustin Regidor

Agustin Regidor

¡Disfruto de lo que hago! Mis fotografías serán un documento emocionante que recordaréis toda la vida.

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Image By Rafa Martell

Rafa Martell

Moments that will never be lost. With great knowledge of photographic technique and composition based on different workshops with photographers worldwide wellknown. I am confident

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Image By Rafa Cucharero

Rafa Cucharero

Fotógrafo internacional de bodas. Fotografía documental y artística cercana de alto impacto donde se mezclan emociones, luz y sentimientos.

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Image By PhotoEmotions by Oscar Anta

PhotoEmotions by Oscar Anta

My name is Oscar and with my wife Monica we formed a young, dinamic and passionate team. We love wedding photography, and we do not understand our life without photography. When yo

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Image By Dimitri Voronov

Dimitri Voronov

Hi, I\/m a documentary wedding photographer in Barcelona, Girona, Costa Brava, Spain. I specialise in a artistic documentary style of wedding photography. @fotoclipes (INSTAGRAM

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Image By Rocio Vega

Rocio Vega

I am defined better by my images than my words. What does photography means for me? It it is quite everything. Constant things happen around us, unforgettable moments are guard in

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Image By CLASSPHOTO by Ferran Mallol

CLASSPHOTO by Ferran Mallol

Hello, my name is Ferran, I am a wedding and photojournalist photographer based in Spain. My relationship with photography is not a cliché, it\/s a passion, my environment is

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Image By Jorge Davo Siguenza

Jorge Davo Siguenza

Based in Spain, i am wedding photographer for 5 years. We want to capture these magic moments in the most beautiful way.

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Image By Marga Martí

Marga Martí

Hello! My name is Marga, I'm a wedding photographer and I have the best job in the world! A job that allows me to combine my two passions: to capture emotions and travel. I love ph

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Image By Jiten Dadlani

Jiten Dadlani

Life is an experience, wedding day is one of the most importants experiences of your life. My wedding photography will tell you in the future the feellngs you felt in those moments

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Image By Iñaki


I was born between flashlights and cameras in the old studio of my parents. I grew and played between shoots and rolls of film, developing and lenses. I am Iñaki Lungaran and I st

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Image By Fernando Berani

Fernando Berani

I´m a wedding photographer specialized in photojournalism style and using off camera flash. I love to capture the special moments in your event.

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Image By Raimon Crescenti

Raimon Crescenti

I\/ve been in the world of wedding photography many years, so I have gained extensive experience as a photographer and as a person who deals with people. My photographic style i

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Image By Geni


Natural, hard worker and passionate! We love weddings!

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Image By Fernando Baños

Fernando Baños

I like "to bestow moments" with pics full of freshness and spontaneity feelings.

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Image By Tomas


Fotografo de boda, realizo fotografia documental y artistica de boda.

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Image By Carol Minguillón

Carol Minguillón

In Flare Project we are a few lovers of the nice things, of the simple thing, of the weddings handmade and of the pairs who transmit with a look the feelings. We delight the weddin

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Image By Manuel Medrano Coll

Manuel Medrano Coll

Our style is natural because we don\/t need to stop your wedding or force posing to take beautiful pictures. Instead, we pay special attention to the important moments and people,

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Image By Eloy Muñoz Reyes

Eloy Muñoz Reyes

I believe that life is full of little details and beautiful moments. I capture these moments in a creative way using different styles so you can choose what best suits your wedding

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Image By Geni Lasso

Geni Lasso

Modern, Fresh & Fun. We are Wedding Photographers based in Alicante (Spain). We love our work! Let us tell your history!

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Image By Aizea Arce

Aizea Arce

My name is Aizea Arce and I’m the one behind the camera. For me, wedding photography combines every style that I’m passionate about in the best of the environments. The coup

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Image By Jorge Villalba

Jorge Villalba

Jorge Villalba is a spanish photographer who loves to capture people\/s essence and and naturality. He is also a lover of using natural light in its photographs.

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Image By Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez

Hi I\/m diego, a lover of photography, with a different world view, able to see things that the rest will escape and that is reflected in the photos, with which he is able to laugh

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Image By Antonio Aguilera

Antonio Aguilera

Wedding Photographer. Based in Spain. Moments. Histories. Feelings.

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Image By Nuria Prieto

Nuria Prieto

I´m Nuria Prieto, I´m documentary photography, which is my passion and my way of life. In my images we can say that they are loaded with sensitivity, reflecting the emotion, feel

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Image By Emovere Studios

Emovere Studios

We are a team of photographers who love photography, meet new people and places. The most important thing for us is to document the emotions and real moments of your wedding day.

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Image By Sonia Senosiain

Sonia Senosiain

Hello, my name is Sonia, I tell´s stories, I capture´s yours moments and emotions.

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Image By manufrías


Apasionado desde muy joven por la fotografía, por capturar aquellas emociones que hacen especiales esos momentos que vivimos con nuestros familiares y amigos, generando recuerdos

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