International Wedding Photographers From Romania

Discover the best wedding photographers from Romania. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Foto Dumbrava

Foto Dumbrava

We are Ana and Daniel, togheter FotoDumbrava! We are mainly photographing weddings and baptisms but we like to accept any challenge! We like to create something beautifull in every

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Image By Marius Barbulescu

Marius Barbulescu

It’s almost impossible for me to describe my photography… I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I’m always trying to keep

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Image By Sabina Mladin

Sabina Mladin

I love being a wedding photographer because i get to be close to people\/s heart, to capture their love on the most important day of their lifes

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Image By Cromatica Photography

Cromatica Photography

We are Irina and Robert, live in Bucharest and have been friends since high school. As a couple, we are known as Mom and Dad to our son and as Cromatica Photography to our clients.

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Image By Florin Stefan

Florin Stefan

You can see al my work on mywebsite or on my facebook page. Hope to see you soon :)

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Image By Casian Podarelu

Casian Podarelu

I love working as a photographer shooting weddings, meeting different people. I consider myself very lucky to be able to capture one of the most important occasions in a family\/s

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Image By Vali Matei

Vali Matei

It started like a hobby, then suddenly it transformed into a passion and naturally became my journey in life. Now I\/m grateful that I get to call this "my job" . I\/m a wedding st

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Image By Andrei Dumitrache

Andrei Dumitrache

Through images, I prove that you don’t need voices to tell a story. I’m a photographer because it’s how I live. And I live fully, because what I capture are moments I lose my

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Image By Stefan Droasca

Stefan Droasca

I am just a guy who loves people, emotions, feelings and all of that happens in a wedding day.Photographing someone else wedding day is an incredible experience,i become part of th

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Image By Mihai Zaharia

Mihai Zaharia

I love shooting authentic images - candid shots that capture real moments as they occur naturally. They are my main focus during your wedding day. I try and be as unintrusive as

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Image By Flavius Partan

Flavius Partan

I\/m a husband, a father of a beautiful little girl and a wedding photographer. My story begins when I received my first camera and started taking photos of everything that surro

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Image By Paul Budusan

Paul Budusan

Storyteller for your wedding. Creative wedding photographer based in Transylvania, Romania.

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Image By Vlad Pahontu

Vlad Pahontu

"more than photography... Passion" I'm a photographer, based on weddings, from Bucharest, Romania, and I love what I do! I think it has to be more than a job, it has to be a real p

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Image By Silviu-Florin Salomia

Silviu-Florin Salomia

I am passionate about what I do and if this allows me to bring a little joy in your life, a drop of color and creativity, then everything else is just details… Through my photogr

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Image By Laurentiu Nica

Laurentiu Nica

I like people, I like weddings, I like wedding photography. :) My past jobs was as a photojournalist for various local and national newspapers or news agency, so my images has infl

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Image By Robertino Bezman

Robertino Bezman

Hello! I am Robertino and I love people! And weddings are o wonderful time to show and receive love. I am happy and honored to be part of such fleeing moments that I can make last

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Image By Alex Pasarelu

Alex Pasarelu

Hi, I am Alex and I am your love storyteller! Im based in Romania, but I do destination weddings in Europe. Would love to document your wedding no matter where will take place. My

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hi! I\/m a photographer from Romania...and i\/m very pleased to meet you .

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