International Wedding Photographers From Italy

Discover the best wedding photographers from Italy. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the trends. an artistic and photojournalist

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Image By Rino Cordella

Rino Cordella

Italian international awarded wedding photographer living in Salento(Puglia) Rino, through his images expresses emotions of those he photograph, capturing unique moments, with the

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Image By Fabio Mirulla

Fabio Mirulla

Let me tell you about me through what I love to do. I am doing this job since 2005, trying to let me guide by experimentation and the desire of creating every time something pec

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Image By Damiano Salvadori

Damiano Salvadori

I\/m a destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany, Italy and available worldwide. I\/m the owner, with my wife Donatella, of the D2 Photography studio in Certaldo, Florence.

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Image By Luigi Rota

Luigi Rota

Born in Lecco (Italy) in 1973 he began photographing when he was fifteen years old, so he has 20 years experience in wedding photography.He works as a fashion and ADV photographer

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Image By Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers

Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers

Massimiliano Magliacca - Nabis Photographers - I am a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, I opened Nabis Photographers

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Image By Nicola Tonolini

Nicola Tonolini

I\/m a wedding photo-journalist. What I wish to give the bridal couple is a real, intense and long-lasting memory. My photographs will touch you each time you see them and will m

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Image By Donatella Barbera

Donatella Barbera

I’m cheerful, outgoing, stubborn and resourceful + I’m a photographer :)

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Barbara Zanon is an international awarded wedding photographer, based in Venice but available for all destinations wedding (Italy,Europe, World). Photojournalist, she publishes on

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Image By Casian Podarelu

Casian Podarelu

I love working as a photographer shooting weddings, meeting different people. I consider myself very lucky to be able to capture one of the most important occasions in a family\/s

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Image By Manuel Rusca - Specchiomagico Weddings

Manuel Rusca - Specchiomagico Weddings

Manuel Rusca\/s Studio Specchiomagico is located in Genoa, Liguria. We take wedding pictures to tell your story, with a spontaneous and creative style. We work with no interferen

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Image By Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz

At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... What I really enjoy is capturing unique moments and fleeting emotions on people\/s faces. Every c

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Image By Riccardo Bestetti

Riccardo Bestetti

Refined journalistic style with a strong emotive impact. Winning member of WPJA - ISPWP- ANFM - WPPI -WPS - WEP -BWPS - FearlessPhotographers The study is in the strategic c

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Image By Luca Fabbian

Luca Fabbian

Hello! I\/m Luca and I adore my job: to tell about love, emotions, beauty, candor...The most cherished reward for me is in the words of those who become "my" couples, such as these

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Image By Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo

I am completely passionate about what I do. My photography is modern, creative, artistic and individually handcrafted. I eat and breathe photography, and I\/m always pushing harder

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Image By Chiara Ridolfi

Chiara Ridolfi

After being trained at The Roman School of Photography and having developed a passion for printing and photographic research at the Experimental Center of Photography, she joined

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Image By Marco Fantauzzo

Marco Fantauzzo

Marco embraced the world of photography early thanks to his first camera, a Yashica MG1 that still preserves with love and care. Active member of the TAU (National Association of P

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Image By Andrei Dumitrache

Andrei Dumitrache

Through images, I prove that you don’t need voices to tell a story. I’m a photographer because it’s how I live. And I live fully, because what I capture are moments I lose my

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Image By Corrine Ponsen

Corrine Ponsen

Corrine is a award winning wedding photographer specialized in artistic and journalistic photography. She makes unique images of emotions and moments in combination with magical li

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Image By Matteo Lomonte

Matteo Lomonte

Matteo Lomonte was born in 1983 in Gioia del Colle, a little town in the south of Italy. In 2001 he started to develop his passion for photography and after a self-taught training,

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Image By Nino Lombardo

Nino Lombardo

Nino is a professional photographer specializing in wedding photojournalism around the world. He likes to capture the real moments and real wedding photographs that speak of true e

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Image By Emanuele & Francesca Capoferri

Emanuele & Francesca Capoferri

Based in Ispra, Italy, on the bank of the stunning Lago Maggiore.

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Image By Valeria Berti

Valeria Berti

Valeria Berti is a reportage wedding photographer based in Padua, Italy, covering Venice, Garda Lake, Tuscany and abroad. Services offered include weddings and important events .

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Image By George Stan

George Stan

I am an ordinary man who loves wedding photography.

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Image By Pozzer Mauro Fotografo

Pozzer Mauro Fotografo

Mauro Pozzer – an Italian award winning photographer with over twenty years of wedding photography experience. Beyond Italy, he has shot weddings in Australia, Miami, New York, S

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Image By Photographers & Partners

Photographers & Partners

Photographers & Partners is a creation of professional wedding photographer Domenico Costabile, his experience of 20 years of wedding photography has started a brand new project of

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Image By Francesco Manganelli

Francesco Manganelli

I tell your story, I catch your emotions. This sentence embodies my way of being a wedding photographer: telling the story of your happiest day in pictures. Starting behind the

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Image By luigi orru

luigi orru

I see images as many bricks making up a story, a series of minor moments that capture the sincerity and pure emotion of a wedding day. All you’ll find in my work is silent intera

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Image By Emiliano Cribari

Emiliano Cribari

I’m an Italian wedding photographer based in Florence. I love exclusively natural and candid images, so my style is totally unobtrusive: I wish to simply observe and document the

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Photographic reportage, videos & more! As young photographers and videographers with a huge experience in the wedding and fashion industry, we gathered a very strong team based on

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Image By Giuseppe Greco Photo

Giuseppe Greco Photo

Giuseppe Greco born in Naples in 1979, after a few experiences as an assistant of architecture and interior photography, he began his career as photographer. He has been photogra

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Image By Massimiliano Esposito LightanDreams

Massimiliano Esposito LightanDreams

Your wedding is going to be important to me as my own. I am going to stick with you from the beginning to the end. And as i saw many weddings, I know how you feel at yours; i know

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Image By Maurizio Rellini

Maurizio Rellini

My story begins in the summer of 2000 when I left for a photographic journey to North Cape. I started my career as a travel photographer with covers of hundreds of magazines such

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Image By Alessandro Ficano

Alessandro Ficano

Videosystem Sposi by Alessandro Ficano Fotografo – Wedding Photographer in Rieti, and beyond. Elegance, discretion and simplicity are the key words to perform the wedding phot

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Image By Tyler Nardone

Tyler Nardone

Decisive colors, details and strong images. Empathy is therefore the key word to fully understand my photography, characterized by a continuous search for details and elegant, new

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Image By Sara Sganga

Sara Sganga

I\/m in love with the people and I love to tell stories. I\/m a creative photographer currently based in Italy, available worldwide.

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Image By Elisa Bellanti Foto Event Studio

Elisa Bellanti Foto Event Studio

Foto Event is a studio specializing in wedding reportage and portraiture. We are a Team of young artists based in Sicily, who love photography spontaneous and innovative Our photo

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Image By RPS Wedding Photography

RPS Wedding Photography

Italian Wedding Photographer, Based in Milan and working everywhere I can tell a special wedding story. I love destination wedding, I love to get an artistic approach to reportage

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Image By Victor Duduca

Victor Duduca

Hey, my name is Victor. I am not a photographer. I am a narrator telling your story through my eyes and my camera. Capturing moments and creating memories is what I do, what I live

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Image By john sylvoz

john sylvoz

Hi i m John, ten years professional photo-reportage wedding photographer based in the french Alps. I m enthusiastic to be your photographer to your wedding day, in France, Alps, S

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Image By TheodoreZoumis


Photography is the most amazing invention ever! To use time and light and make art? Wow! So I'm in love with it. I also like to tell stories. Good stories. So my passion for phot

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Image By Tatiana Malysheva

Tatiana Malysheva

I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I take photos in different parts of the world, for today I shot in more than 20 countries.

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Image By Matteo Innocenti Photography

Matteo Innocenti Photography

I\/am a professional wedding photographer from Tuscany, Italy. I\/m mostly focused on destination wedding and I like to work in a smooth and fun way so you can relax and enjoy yo

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Image By AntonioPalermo


Hello my name is Antonio Palermo. I was born in 1980 in salerno (italy). My story is very simple, just 16 years old my dear friend (wedding photographer) asked me to help him for a

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Image By Adrian Metzak

Adrian Metzak

Hello, I am Adrian Metzak, a destination wedding photographer. I live in Bucharest, Romania, with my wife and our three kids. I can say that natural reactions are the best. Tha

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Image By Stanley With

Stanley With

A danish wedding photographer with a romantic reportage approach. I love weddings, I love to travel and with my base in Copenhagen I can easily reach all corners of the World in a

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Image By Pierpaolo Perri

Pierpaolo Perri

About English My name is Pierpaolo Perri. I am a photographer from Calabria. I was born and raised in Cosenza, which is also the city where I opened up my studio in 2014. I've a

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Hi, I am Ruben Venturo, an Italian international wedding photographer with a photojournalistic and creative approach. I am curious, easy going and a big friend of people. I cult

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Image By David Delgado

David Delgado

I travel with my equipment around the world chasing a dream

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