International Wedding Photographers From Greece

Discover the best wedding photographers from Greece. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the trends. an artistic and photojournalist

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Franck is an award-winning destination wedding photographer specialized in documentary photography. He has won more than 120 international awards over the last 10 years and is regu

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Image By Dani Nuda

Dani Nuda

I am Dani Nuda international wedding photographer, from Spain. I have made weddings in several countries such as Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom, Cuba and by all Spain. I f

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Image By Elena Haralabaki

Elena Haralabaki

Hi! I\/m Elena and I\/m a destination wedding photographer based in Greece. I love photography because it gives me creative fulfilment... and creativity is a major part of my life!

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Image By Nikos Psathoyiannakis

Nikos Psathoyiannakis

The photographs of a wedding narrate a story. My role is the distinctive glance capturing everything that is taking place. The way to achieve that is by carefully observing people.

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The thing I love about the camera is that it is a witness to our lives. It remembers the little things, long after our mind has forgotten everything. And it captures the finest hu

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I am a member of a wonderful family that fills me with love and have an occupation which fills me with energy and joy. For each and every one of us our profession has a certain me

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Image By Phosart Photography & Cinematography

Phosart Photography & Cinematography

Phosart is a team of experienced wedding photographers, videographers. We capture weddings and events mostly in Santorini, the most picturesque Greek island, Athens (Attiki), Myko

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Image By Panos Demiropoulos

Panos Demiropoulos

Every couple has its own code of communication.The best part for me is to discover it, capture the essence of every moment of the day and make art out of it.

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Image By TheodoreZoumis


Photography is the most amazing invention ever! To use time and light and make art? Wow! So I'm in love with it. I also like to tell stories. Good stories. So my passion for phot

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Image By FairytaleWeddings


I love Shooting Weddings! It\/s all about that unique emotion of that day. A day full of glowing energy to see, feel, and capture.I am a very passionate energetic and full in love

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