International Wedding Photographers From France

Discover the best wedding photographers from France. Sit back, get inspired and remember one thing; Every wedding photographer is willing to travel to your special day.

Wedding Photographers who travel all over the world are listed first.

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

The photographic studio work in the wedding industry and photojournalism. 15 years is looking for a unique and authentic style, out of the trends. an artistic and photojournalist

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Franck is an award-winning destination wedding photographer specialized in documentary photography. He has won more than 120 international awards over the last 10 years and is regu

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Image By Dani Nuda

Dani Nuda

I am Dani Nuda international wedding photographer, from Spain. I have made weddings in several countries such as Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom, Cuba and by all Spain. I f

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Image By Benjamin Brette

Benjamin Brette

I\/m a french wedding photographer and I really love weddings. One of my friend invented neologism for that : "mariageophile". My work is a combination of photojournalism and

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Image By William LAMBELET


Taking photos is telling a story via capturing unique moments: This means to make live or resurrect emotions by catching authentic and spontaneous instants. One of my greatest sati

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Image By Christophe Viseux

Christophe Viseux

Christophe Viseux is a well-traveled and award-winning wedding photographer. He has a special interest in destination weddings.From high profile event to intimate and traditional c

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Image By Julien Scussel

Julien Scussel

Based in Paris, Julien is involved in the editorial world and does travel worldwide. He has already shot many editorial assignments in Europe, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza &

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Image By Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos specialize in Wedding and portrait, shooting your wedding with a blend of photojournalism and art. The keywords are anticipating, storytelling, emotion and vibrancy.

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The most important thing for me is the trust between me and my marrieds. Because i think emotion can be much stronger than technical skills. I can not make good pictures without tr

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Image By LEA - Life Emotion Art - photography

LEA - Life Emotion Art - photography

Lea is a french wedding photographer based in Paris, fascinated by emotions and happiness. As a storyteller of emotions, she loves to travel, to meet new people and most of all

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Image By Ronan Jégaden

Ronan Jégaden

Congratulations ! You have decided to get married and are preparing all details that will make your wedding a beautiful event. My role will be to support you during those moments

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Image By Florent Cattelain

Florent Cattelain

French photographer with a journalistic approach.

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Image By Louis Brunet Photography

Louis Brunet Photography

Louis is using his sensitivity to tell wedding stories with his heart, in a documentary and artistic way. Based in West coast of France after five years living in Germany, he\/s tr

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Image By Julien Pontarolo

Julien Pontarolo

French based wedding and portrait photographer, available everywhere you need me. "Through wedding photography, I focus on the wonderful opportunity I am given to help people br

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Image By Sylvain Bouzat

Sylvain Bouzat

Emotions... Sincerity, authentical moments and small details... All these words that carry meaning define Sylvain Bouzat\/s workflow, philosophy and way of life. Sylvain tells

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Image By Karol Robache

Karol Robache

Karol R. - Wedding photographer living near Aix-en-Provence, I \/m a member of the ISPWP, WPJA and Fearless. My approach emphasizes the genuine and natural side of your day. I wor

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Image By David POMMIER


David Pommier is a photographer in wedding story telling. He works discreetly to bring the spontaneous and emotion in each of his pictures. He writes with the married an family her

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Image By Emmanuel Bergere

Emmanuel Bergere

Emmanuel Bergère shot more than 300 weddings since 2004 and still love this job! For four generations, the passion for pictures has been an integral part of his family. My fath

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Image By Chrystel Echavidre

Chrystel Echavidre

I\/m a professional wedding photographer based in the South-West of France. I\/m working mostly in this region, but there are no boundaries, so feel free to contact me for a world

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Image By Omaha-Pictures


« Free your mind and keep your eyes open », Le Collectif Omaha-Pictures est une tribu de regards bien lunés révélateurs d’invisible. Un peuple de prédateurs d’images i

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Image By Marion Co

Marion Co

I love weddings, people and life! I just want to capture the best moment of your life with my soul and my sensitivity.

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Image By christophe Titimal

christophe Titimal

My Name is christophe Titimal , I\/m a wedding photographer . I propose a new wedding photography vision based on natural and emotion. My goal is to develop as discreetly as possi

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Image By merat david

merat david

David start with the fashion industry all around the world and work with different model agency. Then he switch for the documentary wedding photography. Complicity, creativity, and

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Image By Ernestine et sa famille

Ernestine et sa famille

Ernestine et sa famille is ... Marine photographer for more than10 years, based in Ile de France, near Paris. What moves me? Love, of course! I\/m addicted to emotions, I love roa

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Image By Luc Hourriez

Luc Hourriez

Luc Hourriez photographer specializing in wedding, based in France between Paris and Troyes, moves around the world. Photojournalistic style captured the emotions like

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Image By Stephen Liberge

Stephen Liberge

French wedding photographer based in Bordeaux, my work is a photojournalism style and a fine art approach. I like tell your story with an emotional and artistic style.

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Image By Cedric Derbaise

Cedric Derbaise

Cedric Derbaise is specialized in wedding and portrait photography. In a journalistic mind, with a touch of modernity and originality, it will bring you the best memories of your w

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Image By Guillaume Picot

Guillaume Picot

As a wedding photographer living in the north of France, my sensibility and my experience are at your service in order to capture your wedding story. My work is a mix of photojour

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My name is June, and I am a woman who loves weddings! I love shooting emotions and tears of happiness during the wedding. I am extremely sensitive, and it shows in my pictu

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Image By Baron Olivier

Baron Olivier

Why am I a wedding photographer? Maybe because of you, because off all these emotional and intimate moments you share with me. My approach is documenting, capturing life, it\/s all

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Image By Anouck Oliviero

Anouck Oliviero

Based in Bayonne I cover weddings in France and abroad. Energetic and passionate about things I like and want my pictures to tell stories and to capture emotions in a natural and

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Image By Jouanneaux Photographie

Jouanneaux Photographie

Photographer loving life and specialist in wedding reportage, which aims to document Love, Happiness and Joy. He likes to meet people from diverse backgrounds in French, German or

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Image By RSPhoto


I am a real photo-reporter living in Bordeaux (south of France). I make complete and natural reportage of your wedding, from your preparation, to the dance floor. It allows me to r

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Image By Matthieu Muratet

Matthieu Muratet

A long time ago... I made pictures of war, I documented people\/s life in Lebanon, Afghanistan... I saw pain and sadness. Then, I wanted something new, something different. Some

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Image By OssaPhoto


This is Pao and Ossa and we are so happy that you found us. We would like to get to know you and share with you our vision of wedding photography. Love is not just an art but

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Image By Guillaume Tranquard

Guillaume Tranquard

My name is Guillaume , I\/m 32 and live near Lyon, France, where I live with my wife and our two cats (I love cats!). Passionate about photography for many years, I attach great i

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Image By Guillaume BRESSON

Guillaume BRESSON

Wedding photographer. Enjoy your D day

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A photograph as the expression of more than a moment, but of an emotion, be it your own, that of your family, friends, your child… Allowing you to experience, even years later, t

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Image By Zephyr & Luna

Zephyr & Luna

Elopements and intimate weddings photographer based in France and available worldwide. Works with light, words, emotions, in-between moments. I chase the beautiful.

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Image By Celine MANCERON


Photographer at heart and from a young age, I'm just in love with love. It is therefore natural that I directed me toward wedding photography. I love this special day, the rel

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Image By Laurent Patouillard

Laurent Patouillard

We are a wedding and portrait photography studio that specializes in capturing real moments with a « fresh touch »... We really love weddings !

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Image By Amandine Ropars

Amandine Ropars

I\/ m Amandine and i\/m 26 ! I\/ m a wedding photographer since 6 years, living in Brittany, France. I have a feminine style. Light and emotion are very important in my work. I rea

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Image By Julien MARIA

Julien MARIA

Wedding photographer around the world. Emotions and creativity for the better day of your life ! You can rely on my discretion whilst capturing those special personal interactions

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Image By john sylvoz

john sylvoz

Hi i m John, ten years professional photo-reportage wedding photographer based in the french Alps. I m enthusiastic to be your photographer to your wedding day, in France, Alps, S

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Image By Marco Helga

Marco Helga

I like to take a very natural picture. I do not alter the natural development of the wedding. Landscape photography combine with elaborate frames and using additional light as the

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Image By isasouri


I love life and I love wedding. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. I travel throughout France and abroad, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography

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Image By karim kheyar

karim kheyar

Discreet and involved I am a storyteller. Based in Paris I tell with emotions and authenticity your history

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